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Up-and-coming researchers pick up awards

IMC Krems graduates celebrate success in the Krems Cooperation Research Award

ecoplus, the Lower Austrian business agency,  once again invited budding researchers to submit their publications, master theses and bachelor papers for the fourth Krems Cooperation Research Award in 2020. The awards were presented at a virtual event attended by Lower Austrian Provincial Councillor Jochen Danninger, who holds the portfolio for technology, and ecoplus Chief Executive Officer Helmut Miernicki.

IMC Krems graduates Florian Richter and Nico Jacobi celebrate success in the Krems Cooperation Research Award

One of the winners was Florian Richter, a student on the Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology master programme at IMC Krems. His research was carried out during a semester abroad at the University of Sydney, and focussed on the development of a 3D bioprinted, in vitro heart stem-cell model for gaining fresh insights into blood vessel formation. The technique is playing an important role in the advancement of personalised treatments for certain heart disorders.

Another recipient of the award was Dr. Nico Jacobi, a graduate of IMC Krems who joined biopharmaceutical company Alvotech in Iceland in January 2020. His doctoral thesis compared 3D drug discovery models with conventional 2D models, with the ultimate objective of developing predictive drug models to improve cancer treatments.

The submissions demonstrate the broad range of research that takes place at Campus Krems. 20 graduates of IMC Krems, Danube University Krems and Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences entered papers or publications. The outstanding quality of all the submissions was reflected in the high scores awarded by the three-person expert panel.

“The aim of the awards is to encourage young researchers to build academic profiles in the fields of pharmaceutical and medical technology, regenerative medicine, and clinical medicine. As a location for technology and innovation, Lower Austria needs young people with a passion for research and science in order to maintain its place at the top table among Europe’s high-tech regions,” explained Jochen Danninger. ecoplus’  close, on-site cooperation with education institutions at its Technopol locations helps to ensure that the young people receive first-class education.