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Together against Corona

IMC Krems focuses on solidarity and cooperation

On 7 December 2021, more than 150 companies have joined forces to promote the COVID vaccination. Whether it's Edeka, Burger King, Sparkasse or Aktion Mensch: they are all part of "Together against Corona" and have launched a social media campaign together. To do so, they have changed their slogans.

All we are saying is give "pieks" a chance.

IMC FH Krems contributes to the #ZusammenGegenCorona campaign with the slogan "All we are saying is give "pieks" a chance".

Joint appeal for cooperation

Under the hashtag #ZusammenGegenCorona, these companies are promoting vaccination on their channels with their own slogans - some of which are variations of their well-known advertising slogans. IMC Krems joins this campaign and assumes social responsibility here as well. With the slogan "All we are saying is give "pieks" a chance", IMC Krems contributes to this campaign.

"The number of vaccination sceptics is still high. As an University of Applied Sciences, we see it as our mission to make a strong voice for vaccination. The results of a wide range of research show a clear "YES" for vaccination. We are very proud of our students for this very reason, because we have a vaccination rate of 84%," emphasises Ulrike Prommer, CEO.

"The vaccination does not protect against falling ill with COVID, but it does protect against severe infections. Only in this way can intensive care units be relieved and the already exhausted staff can finally breathe again," explains Karl Ennsfellner, CEO.

"What is needed now is solidarity. We all have to pull together and get vaccinated. Only then we will make it out of this pandemic together. Especially in times of the Omicron variant, it is important not to go for vaccination only 1 or 2 times, but to definitely get the 3rd sting as well, in order to be best protected against severe illnesses," confirms Martin Waiguny, Academic Head.

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