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Success at all levels: Institute Krems Bioanalytics

Successful as researcher at the Institute Krems Bioanalytics after graduation

The institute has experienced strong growth in recent years and was able to increase the number of employees to 31 in 2019. Eight of these employees have had contact with our university before. They are alumni of IMC FH Krems and have already completed a bachelor or master degree programme in Krems.

Monika Gretic ist eine unserer Absolventinnen und  seit Jänner 2015 am Institut Krems Bioanalytics beschäftigt. Sie ist somit eine Mitarbeiterin der ersten Stunde.

Monika Gretic is one of our graduates and has been working at the Institute Krems Bioanalytics since January 2015. She has been a staff member from the very beginning.

The Research Institute Krems Bioanalytics of IMC Krems was founded in 2014 and has since been engaged in a wide range of innovative bioanalytical services in the field of drug development.

Exciting career prospects

Monika Gretic is one of our graduates who works at the research institute. She graduated from the School of Nursing in Zagreb before she decided to study biotechnology. She finally completed her master's degree in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Krems and could not tear herself away from this city. Since January 2015, she has been working at the institute and has thus been a member of staff from the very beginning. The two colleagues who started with her back then are also still part of the team.

Originally, the three worked hands-on in the laboratory in order to establish analytical methods for pharmaceutical research. Since then, they have all developed into scientific experts in their field and gradually assumed more responsibility. Monika Gretic, for example, is now a group leader and currently heads a team of 5 employees.

As GLP test manager she plans and supervises specially developed analytical methods for preclinical and clinical studies, ensures routine and sample analysis and acts as a contact person for customers. This is just one example of the many professional career opportunities at the "Institute Krems Bioanalytics".

Research at the highest level

Clients from the pharmaceutical industry send samples to the institute, which are then measured by Gretic's team under strictly defined quality standards. This requires methods that are either transmitted by the client or developed in our own laboratory.

In order to meet the regulatory requirements for such analyses, it is important to ensure the validity of an analytical method in a validation. Only after successful validation can the samples be reliably analysed and the results reported to the client. Method development can take up to half a year. While preclinical studies usually take a few months, clinical studies often extend over several years. During this time, intensive communication with the client is a prerequisite for successful cooperation. Since its foundation, the " Institute Krems Bioanalytics" was able to establish several long-term partnerships within the pharmaceutical industry in this way.

"We were able to achieve considerable successes in the last five years: About 100 customer-specific analytical methods have been developed and validated and used in 14 clinical and more than 100 preclinical studies. In addition, our analyses have supported the development of six biopharmaceuticals with market approval," says Frank Horling, Deputy Head of the Research Institute.

From Cambridge, to Vienna and all over Europe

The partners and clients from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry are as diverse as the services offered by the research institute. Currently, partner companies can be found in Cambridge (USA), Richfield (USA), Vienna and also throughout Europe.