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Stronger Together

Clear commitment against violence, racism and terror and for a peaceful coexistence.

"We are stunned, saddened and shaken - as an internationally oriented university of applied sciences, we are clearly committed to peaceful coexistence and condemn violence, racism and terror. Our thoughts are with the victims and the injured."

Statement by IMC Krems regarding the tragic terrorist attack of 2 November 2020 in Vienna.

Out of deepest innermost conviction, the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems makes a clear commitment to a peaceful coexistence. The message is clear: We are stronger together. We stand together as an internationally oriented community and condemn all forms of violence and terror against ethnic groups and religions. With a student community from over 46 nations, the IMC Krems is a symbol against racism. Especially in these difficult times, the IMC values of fairness, commitment, taking responsibility, open-mindedness towards other cultures and diversity are more important than ever.

Clear words from the IMC management team: We are putting even more emphasis on our values

"We are stunned, saddened and shaken. We all still lack the words and we still can't process what happened on 2 November 2020 in the city centre of Vienna. Our thoughts are with the victims and the injured. We send a lot of strength in this exceptional situation to all our colleagues, our students, our alumni, our research and business partners who are currently living and working in Vienna," said Ulrike Prommer, CEO of IMC Krems.

"Cowardly attacks like these show us how important the value framework of the IMC Krems is, a framework that is actively lived and implemented by the IMC team. We will not deviate one millimetre from our values such as diversity, cosmopolitanism, fairness, commitment or sense of responsibility. On the contrary, we will place our values even more consciously in the centre of our actions as an internationally operating university of applied sciences", adds CEO Ennsfellner with determination.

"As a university, we have a special task: We bring people together to learn, teach, research and advance science. We will continue to commit ourselves to these goals in the future, because science and the joint exploration of scientific issues and social development is a way to counteract division and lack of understanding," explains Martin Waiguny, Chair of the Academic Board.

"Our values as a university are based on a principle of respectful interaction - regardless of gender, skin colour, nationality, ethical origin, religion or ideology, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. This is the way it is and always will be," stresses Manfred Pferzinger, Deputy Chair of the Academic Board, with regard to the recent events in Vienna.

It is our Europe - it is our university, and we do not give in

Following the headline of the Austrian daily newspaper "Der Standard" about international reactions to this unbelievably despicable terrorist attack, IMC Krems does not give in a millimetre and defends its values.

With 148 partner universities worldwide, 67% of them in Europe, and over 1,000 partners in business and industry, staff members of the IMC Krems already received messages of sympathy e.g. from a participant of the "Tourism Training for Young Professionals" from Brazil in 2013.