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Start of studies at IMC Krems

Here we go again: 3,100 students enliven the campus

Around 1,100 students start their first academic year. The total of 3,100 students at IMC Krems come from 85 nations, making it one of the most international universities in Austria. "Our good reputation precedes us in all parts of the world: I see it as an extraordinary confirmation that so many international students apply to IMC Krems," says CEO Ulrike Prommer, looking forward to the new academic year.


The students of the General Nursing bachelor degree programme at IMC Krems at the location in Mistelbach, with Academic Director Martin Waiguny, Programme Director Markus Golla, as well as Petra Walter-Heinzl, Christoph Friedl and Marion Stampfer from Study Services.

At IMC Krems, prospective students are spoilt for choice: 27 bachelor and master degree programmes are offered. About half of the degree programmes are exclusively in English, the others in a combination of German and English. In addition, there are 162 partner universities where students can spend a semester abroad.

Face-to-face teaching

In the coming academic year, IMC Krems will again focus on face-to-face teaching. As before, the most important goal is to offer all students a high-quality study programme.

General Nursing for the first time in Mistelbach

For prospective students from the Weinviertel region, it has so far been difficult to find an easily accessible health care education at a university of applied sciences. This semester marks the start of the first cohort in the bachelor degree programme in General Nursing (Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege) in Mistelbach. "We are very pleased about the new location in Mistelbach. The location is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and the lecturers teach in both Krems and Mistelbach," says Karl Ennsfellner, CEO of IMC Krems.

A warm welcome to Krems

This year, the Welcome & Experience Fair will take place again, where the new students can learn interesting facts about the study programmes and get to know their fellow students. In addition, students from the higher semesters will report on their internships.

The university management wishes all students much success in the new academic year and a good time in beautiful Krems!

Welcome & Experience Fair