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Start of new continuing education course Surface Technology

Excellent job opportunities thanks to the English language continuing education course

At IMC Krems, a five-week course on surface and material chemistry will take place  this coming summer on the initiative of the Austrian coatings industry.

Seit 2018 leitet Uwe Rinner den Bachelor-Studiengang Applied Chemistry erfolgreich. Nun startet er mit dem Spezial-Lehrgang Surface Technology im Sommer 2020 voll durch.

Since 2018, Uwe Rinner has successfully managed the bachelor degree programme in Applied Chemistry. Now he is launching the continuing education course Surface Technology in summer 2020.

On the one hand, the programme is intended as a supplement to the bachelor degree programme in Applied Chemistry at IMC Krems, but can also be of great benefit to professionals in the chemical industry and represents a valuable higher qualification.

Additional qualifications in surface and material chemistry

The continuing education course offers an additional qualification in the field of surface and material chemistry.

Course participants are equipped with both theoretical and practical skills in the field of coating and polymer chemistry and related industrial sectors.

Based on their chemical knowledge, they prepare themselves for current issues in the field of surface chemistry. They learn the basics and special techniques of materials science and acquire knowledge about production, manufacturing techniques and properties of important products such as paints, coating materials and adhesives. Newly acquired knowledge is tested in the laboratory.

Demand for specialists is high

Graduates of the course have the ideal foundation for their professional career or the next step in their career in surface and material chemistry.

"Graduates have excellent job opportunities after their chemistry studies and after attending this course," promises Hubert Culik, Chairman of the Austrian Chemical Industry Association, who knows the demand for highly qualified employees first-hand. "Such specialists are in demand not only in the paint industry, but in all areas where surfaces are coated".

Details of the five-week continuing education course with international orientation

The course will be conducted in English. The time format from mid-June to the end of July 2020 is perfectly compatible with an ongoing study or professional activity.

In order to adapt the content of the course to the needs of the economy, it is developed and conducted in cooperation with the Austrian Chemical Industry Association. The application phase has already started on 1 March.

Special feature: Scholarship for all current chemistry students 

The course is also affordable for students of Austrian universities of applied sciences and regular universities. For the upcoming continuing education course in June 2020, the professional association will provide a scholarship of 2,000 euros for each active student studying chemistry. The course costs a total of 2,500 euros.

In addition, those who have already decided or will decide on the bachelor degree programme in Applied Chemistry at IMC Krems can look forward to a great added benefit: the course is fully accreditable to the Surface Technology course module.

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