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Record-breaker? One degree programme, 17 nationalities

International Wine Business programme draws students from around the world to IMC Krems

It’s a figure that speaks for itself: students from 17 different countries recently kicked off their first semester on the International Wine Business bachelor degree programme. And it also represents a tremendous success for programme director Prof. Albert Stöckl – as well as underlining the programme’s excellent reputation far beyond Austria’s borders.


It’s a figure that speaks for itself: students from 17 different countries recently kicked off their first semester on the International Wine Business bachelor degree programme.

From Colombia and the Netherlands to Venezuela and Estonia via Macedonia: students from all over the world have moved to Krems to study on this unique degree programme. The International Wine Business programme is a business degree focused on the wine industry. It’s a combination that ticks all the right boxes among the next generation of domestic and international winemakers, and also with hospitality-sector professionals and wine industry newcomers.

It’s all in the nose! Live workshops at Bachelor Info Day on 1 December

What aspects of the programme do students find so attractive? They will be answering this question and many more besides at IMC Krems’ Bachelor Info Day on 1 December 2022. Wine tasting will take centre stage at the International Wine Business stand. Le nez du vin, a special quiz for all the senses, will take visitors on a journey through the world of wine aromas – with great prizes to be won! The university’s other degree programmes will also be staging various special events at Bachelor Info Day, making it the perfect opportunity to get a feel for student life at IMC Krems.

Learn from an Emmy winner, study in Bordeaux

The various added extras on offer for International Wine Business students also give the programme a very special note. Including the possibility of doing a dual degree – after only three years, graduates will have a degree from both IMC Krems and Kedge Business School in Bordeaux to their name. In addition, there is the option of an internship at a big-name winery, as well as in the hospitality business or with a specialist wine trader. At the moment, many students from the programme are gaining valuable new insights at home and abroad, at businesses including Champagne Mounier, Falstaff, the Gut Oggau winery and the Moselland eG Winzergenossenschaft winemakers cooperative.
Programme director Albert Stöckl has also convinced some of the industry’s leading lights to come to Krems, such as Emmy Award winner Eric May, who will be sharing his international marketing expertise. As Stöckl points out, “regional wine businesses can also learn a lot from examples of best practice like these".

Around 200 students and alumni

Around 80 students are enrolled on the bachelor programme this year, and 110 have already completed their International Wine Business degrees. As a result, IMC Krems is now firmly established as a top wine industry training centre. Its status will be underlined over the coming years by a series of top-level events. For example, the university will host the Culinary and Wine Tourism Conference (CWTC) for the second time in 2024. The combination of leading international get-togethers with local partnerships is another feature that sets the programme apart. This enables students to learn from alumni who are setting up their own businesses in the region: like newcomer Mio Schild and her partner, Stefan Vladimirov, who will soon be taking over a much-loved wine bar .  
Whether the aim is to join the family winery, start a new business or launch an international career: the International Wine Business degree programme opens all kinds of doors. And what better way to start than by visiting Bachelor Info Day at IMC Krems on 1 December. Full details of the schedule are available at www.fh-krems.ac.at