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Outstanding results for IMC Krems in CHE Ranking report

Best ever ratings for the university’s science degrees.

This year’s Centre for Higher Education (CHE) Ranking also featured IMC Krems’ science degree programmes, including the Medical and Pharmaceutical bachelor and master programmes and the Applied Chemistry programme. The ratings were excellent, with grades ranging from 1.3 to 1.6.

Big - Bang

Big bang: Outstanding results for IMC Krems in CHE Ranking report.

IMC Krems was among the leaders in 18 of the 19 categories, and one of the mid-ranking universities in the remaining category. The university scored particularly well in the areas of overall study situation, feasibility of completing a degree programme,practical relevance and rooms. Respondents singled out the technical facilities and the equipment available in the rooms for special praise in their comments – factors which play a particularly important role on science degrees.

Success for the Department of Life Sciences

“Our Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology degree programmes are unique in Austria. English as the language of instruction, close ties with industry and the intensive research that the university is involved in underpin their success. Our Applied Chemistry bachelor programme, which we launched last year and is bedding in well in the Department of Life Sciences, is also unparalleled in terms of its design and what it offers students.  The exceptional scores in the CHE Ranking are testament to the Department of Life Sciences’ excellent work and the team’s level of satisfaction,” said IMC Krems Chief Executive Officer Ulrike Prommer.

“I’ve been involved since 2002 and was a member of the development team. From my perspective, the university is now reaping the rewards of being the first in Austria to establish a degree programme with an international profile tailored to the requirements of medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology research. The idea to introduce an English-language life sciences programme laid the foundations for the international expertise, which is confirmed time and again in the form of the Department of Life Sciences’ excellent ranking results. I would like congratulate everyone responsible for the outstanding scores in this year’s CHE Ranking,” commented Hon. Prof. Peter Turecek, Senior Director of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company.

About the CHE Ranking report

Prepared by Germany’s Centre for Higher Education (CHE), the CHE Ranking is the most extensive and detailed university ranking in the German-speaking world. It surveys over 150,000 students and covers more than 300 universities. 

All the results of this year’s CHE Ranking are available in the Campus section of ZEIT online at www.zeit.de/che2019 (German only).