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Our joint path forward

At this year's IMC Conference – the event for all IMC employees – the executive management presented the revised strategy "Targeting the Future". Consisting of the vision and mission, the strategic guidelines and the strategic goals, it forms the framework for the next 3 years.

In addition to our employees, we would also like to share our strategy paper with our stakeholders. Because we have nothing to hide and we make it very clear that we are a reliable partner who offers excellent quality in the core areas of education and research and who follows innovative paths. Both now and in the future.

"Targeting the Future" - our roadmap for the next 3 years

To be among the leading universities of applied sciences – to be leading the way – it is necessary that we constantly develop, take new paths and remain open to innovative solutions. In this way we ensure that we are a leading institution in our core areas of education and research, and in university services. We ensure that we can offer our stakeholders outstanding quality.

So that we are always leading the way.

Our strategy paper "Targeting the Future" serves as a roadmap for the next 3 years. The vision, the mission and the values together with the strategic guidelines form the basis for the strategic goals. In turn, the operational goals are derived from the strategic goals.

Transparent and open communication

As a reliable partner for our stakeholders, we rely on transparent and open communication. Our executive management has, therefore, decided to make our new university strategy publicly accessible. The message is clear: We want to continue to develop as a university of applied sciences over the next few years.

And this succeeds best when all our stakeholders – our employees and part-time lecturers, our students and alumni, our university and corporate partners, our shareholders, sponsors, legislators and supervisory bodies, and of course the interested public – know what goals we have set ourselves for the future as a leading university of applied sciences.

Our operative goals

The strategic objectives outlined in the strategy paper are supplemented and substantiated by operational goals. These operational goals are accessible to all IMC employees – and they, therefore, know how they can contribute to the successful implementation of our "Targeting the Future" strategy.

Each department is required to meet certain key performance indicators, and the department goals are broken down to the respective employee in employee appraisals.

Well equipped for the opportunities and challenges of our time

The framework in which we operate as a private educational enterprise changes quickly, and continues to develop in ways that are both innovative and challenging. What is correct and good today becomes out of date and no longer adequate extremely quickly.

Thanks to our publicly accessible "Targeting the Future" strategy and the operational goals communicated internally, we are ideally equipped for these opportunities and challenges.

Strategy Targeting the future