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New experts for the surface and materials chemistry

On 21 June, the new Surface Technology continuing education course started at IMC Krems

This course provides you with an additional qualification in surface and materials chemistry. Experts are urgently needed in this booming chemical sector. The course is developed in cooperation with the Association of the Austrian Chemical Industry and is sponsored by it.

Bildunterschrift: Vlnr.: OStR Prof. Mag. Dr. Manfred Kerschbaumer (Präsident VCÖ), Mag. Bernadette Borek (Sparte Chemie, WKO NÖ); Prof.(FH) Dr. Karl Ennsfellner (Geschäftsführer IMC FH Krems), KommR Prof. Hubert Culik (Obmann Fachverband der chemischen Industrie Österreichs), Dr. Ralph Theuer, MBA (Managing Director Metadynea), Prof.(FH) Priv.-Doz. DI Dr. Uwe Rinner (Studiengangsleiter und Lehrgangsleiter IMC FH Krems), Dr. Klaus Schaubmayr (Fachverband der chemischen Industrie Österreichs), Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Martin Waiguny (Akademischer Leiter IMC FH Krems)

Our partners from the chemical industry and our management team as well as the course director Uwe Rinner (3rd from right) are pleased about the start of the Surface Technology continuing education course.

Expertise for the chemical industry

Put simply, surface and materials chemistry is one of the most important parts of the Austrian chemical industry. However, the sector is facing a shortage of qualified experts. As a result, this course opens a host of doors for the participants.

The continuing education course Surface Technology puts participants in a position to address topical issues in surface chemistry by building on their chemistry expertise. They look at basic principles and special materials science techniques, as well as enhancing their know-how in production, manufacturing technologies and characteristics of important productssuch such as paints, resins, coating materials, pigments, additives and ahesives. Participants can then test their knowledge in practice in the lab.

Participants from numerous European countries

This year's course has 16 participants - twelve employees of the chemical industry from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia as well as four students of our bachelor degree programme Applied Chemistry. Our students receive special support from the chemical industry: Within the framework of a scholarship, 2,000 EUR of the 2,500 EUR course fee will be covered.

Valuable additional qualification for a booming industry

The course offers a high-quality additional qualification in a field in which there are hardly any other training opportunities. The aim of the course is to support employees from surface and materials chemistry to strengthen and deepen their knowledge. In addition, students should be motivated to take a closer look at this exciting specialist field and make themselves fit for a career in this chemical sector. "We are very pleased about this additional offer for students and experts in the chemical industry," says Uwe Rinner, programme and course director, about the start of the course.

„The Surface Technology continuing education course is the first of its kind in Austria and gives chemistry students and people working in surface technology the opportunity to obtain a high-quality, supplementary university qualification. Recognised industry experts are a guarantee of top-quality training that brings together essential basic knowledge from the fields of surface physics and applied chemistry. And the course satisfies the industry’s long-standing desire for training that prepares our employees for the future.“, points out Hubert Culik, chairman of the Association of the Austrian Chemical Industry.

Expanding the natural sciences track at IMC Krems

"I am pleased about the great cooperation with the chemical industry. Numerous well-known chemical companies participate in the training of our course participants and also support the course with excursions and practical exercises. The course was developed together with and is supported by the Association of the Chemical Industry," says Uwe Rinner, programme and course director. This latest educational project represents a consistent expansion of the natural sciences track at IMC Krems.

Special thanks also go to the state of Lower Austria, which has supported the development of a chemistry competence centre at our university from the very beginning. The positive development of student numbers and the need for specialists has recently led to a further increase in the number of study places in the bachelor degree programme Applied Chemistry. This means that even more chemical specialists can be trained in Lower Austria in the future.

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