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New CEO for IMC Krems

Dr. Udo Brändle has moved from Dubai to Krems. He is the new CEO of IMC Krems and brings with him all the prerequisites to actively implement the values of the university of applied sciences around internationality and innovation in the “IMC spirit”.

Porträt von Udo Brändle

Dr. Udo Brändle will support Mag. Ulrike Prommer and Prof.(FH) Dr. Karl Ennsfellner in the successful further development of IMC Krems, especially in the areas of research and innovation. Photo credit: © IMC FH Krems/Walter Skokanitsch

The IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems is growing – and so is its management. Dr. Udo Brändle will support Mag. Ulrike Prommer and Prof.(FH) Dr. Karl Ennsfellner in the successful further development of IMC Krems, especially in the areas of research and innovation. As Chief Executive Officer, he brings international experience from the academic and non-academic environment to IMC Krems.

Exciting vita

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, and raised in Vorarlberg, Austria, Udo Brändle completed a doctorate in International Business Administration at the University of Vienna. He earned a master’s degree in Commercial Law at the University of Saarland, Germany. He spent many years in Vienna, both as a student and professionally, and gained professional experience in the academic and non-academic fields working at the University of Vienna as well as in management consultancy and banking. Longer stays abroad took him to the University of Manchester, England, to the University of Nuremberg, Germany, and to the United Arab Emirates. In more than ten years in Dubai, he not only guided the fortunes of business schools – most recently as Dean of the Dubai Business School at the University of Dubai – but also witnessed a city reinvent itself. His next career move is now bringing him back to Austria, to IMC Krems.

Great anticipation

After a rigorous assessment process, the General Assembly unanimously appointed Dr. Brändle as an additional CEO. “My first meeting with Dr. Brändle showed me that he is an enrichment for IMC Krems, both professionally and personally,” says Mag. Dr.h.c. Heinz Boyer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of IMC Krems. CEO Ulrike Prommer is also looking forward to the cooperation: “Dr. Brändle fits excellently into our team. He will perfectly complement the university management and support IMC Krems on its international and innovative path.” 
Brändle himself has big plans for his new job, which starts on 15 August: “In research, it is important to support interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary cooperation, to increase the number of articles in practice-oriented journals and to continue to promote the acquisition of third-party funds. In the field of innovation, it is important to design future-oriented processes at the university in order to ensure that the study programmes and university services are attractive. IMC Krems will also focus on entrepreneurship to support young companies and start-ups and to prepare students for the step into self-employment.” With Dr. Brändle, the vision of IMC Krems – international, innovative, IMC Krems – will gain additional momentum.