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IMC RISE: coaching improves mental health

The challenging times we are currently going through have underlined the importance of inner strength and calm. With this in mind, IMC University of Applied Science Krems launched IMC Rise at the start of the winter semester. The project is aimed at supporting students by teaching them new techniques that promote their physical and mental wellbeing.

Rainer Zehetner und Iris Enz stehen im Weingarten

Tourism and Leisure Management alumnus Rainer Zehetner and mental coach and yoga teacher Iris Enz help students overcome their fears and blocks in their wotkshop.

The IMC RISE programme is a weekly self-coaching workshop led by Tourism and Leisure Management graduate Rainer Zehetner together with mental coach and yoga trainer Iris Enz. Over the course of eight online sessions, the instructors guide students through a range of meditation techniques, practise yoga and physical exercises with them, and help the participants develop a healthy, positive mindset. This also frees up inner resources and resolves mental blocks and anxieties. Students can join the workshops at any time, and watch recordings in German or English if they miss a session. IMC Krems is the only university of applied sciences in Austria that is offering its students workshops of this kind free of charge.

Strong uptake and positive feedback

The large numbers signing up for the workshops are a sign of how highly students value this particular service. More than 200 IMC Krems students have participated in the IMC RISE workshops so far, including Marketing and Sales student Anja Halbweis: “The IMC RISE workshop is the highlight of my week. The combination of meditation, yoga and personal reflection gives me so much satisfaction, strength and inner peace. The two instructors Iris and Rainer are so passionate and that’s really infectious, they both radiate such unbelievably positive energy. So every Thursday, I leave the workshop relaxed, happy and satisfied. I’m really grateful for this unique service, especially in these difficult times.”
“RISE was an absolutely amazing way to switch off and find myself during stressful periods of studying. Iris and Rainer always showed us new ways of looking at things, actively involved us in the presentation and gave us some great tips for everyday life. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned, thankful that Iris and Rainer put in so much time and energy, and that IMC Krems gave us this unique opportunity to take part free of charge! I enjoyed RISE so much that I would be very pleased if the university continued to offer this programme,” was the positive verdict from Marketing and Sales student Bianca Köstinger.

A conscious approach to countering mental blocks and anxieties

The IMC RISE project is geared towards helping students learn about self-coaching and provide mental training which will help them to overcome mental blocks and anxieties, as well as tapping into their inner potential. Outside the workshops, students can share their personal experiences and talk about matters related to mental health with the help of recommended literature. In addition, participants have access to videos of meditation and yoga sessions which are designed to help them through difficult times. “Take a break from the drudgery of working at home. Breathe deeply. IMC RISE enables participants to switch off and leave behind their everyday worries and/or problems. Iris and Rainer showed us a number of tricks we can use to process difficult experiences or just become more relaxed as we work through the day,” according to Occupational Therapy student Esther Koch, who is a big fan.

Showcase project for universities

IMC Krems is Austria’s first university of applied sciences to offer its students free workshops in this area. “We believe that alongside regular classes, it’s important to give students the chance to unwind after demanding periods of studying at home, which in turn has a positive impact on their academic performance,” says IMC Krems Academic Board Chair Prof. Martin Waiguny, referring to the outcomes of the programme, which will also be offered in the coming semester in view of the numerous positive responses received.