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IMC Krems is flying the flag during Pride Month

Pride without prejudice

Every year in June, the LGBTIQ+ community celebrates Pride Month. Events take place throughout the month to celebrate diversity on the one hand and to draw attention to the political and social freedoms and rights that the community still lacks on the other. IMC Krems also wants to set a clear signal for the LGBTIQ+ community this June and is firmly committed to equality and diversity.

IMC Campus Krems mit gehisster Regenbogenflagge

As a university with a strong international orientation, we are fully aware of the importance of diversity.

In a large-scale survey conducted by the UHLALA Group to find out what services are available for LGBTIQ+ students and employees at universities and academies in German-speaking countries and which educational institutions promote LGBTIQ+ inclusive campus cultures with concrete measures, IMC Krems ranked among the top 20.

We embrace diversity

As a university with a strong international orientation, IMC Krems naturally also has an international and diverse team, which is why we are aware of the importance of the topic of diversity. This is precisely why a Gender & Diversity Advisory Board was founded, the Equal Opportunities Plan was integrated into the IMC Krems statutes and equal opportunities applies to all members of the IMC team as part of the Code of Conduct.

Participation in the Austrian Divörsity Week and the LGBTIQ+ Audit is also intended to make IMC Krems' position clear.

In addition, a separate diversity section was implemented on eDesktop, including information material and further links. Gender-neutral toilets are now also available on the campus of IMC Krems.

Diversity in education and research

The important topics of gender and diversity also find their way into the curriculum and into research: The Academic Head Martin Waiguny and IMC lecturer and researcher Denise Kleiss have dealt with employer branding and LGBT in a research paper. This work is also presented in the special issue on LGBTIQ+ of the magazine Pflege Professionell, which is edited by our Nursing programme director Markus Golla.

Top in the PROUDR LGBTIQ+ Campus Index

In the LGBTIQ+ Audit of the UHLALA Group, IMC Krems made it into the top 20 of the 561 German-speaking state-recognised universities and universities of applied sciences invited for the comparison.

IMC Krems did particularly well in a number of categories of the survey. In the category of Structures and LGBTIQ+, for example, the great rating was the result of the establishment of the Gender & Diversity Advisory Board, in which the management team is also represented. The communication and commitment to LGBTIQ+ was also positively highlighted. Here, the university offers an ongoing training programme in the area of diversity competences and unconscious bias and the Diversity Charter has been signed. In addition, the university actively participated in  Pride Month and in Divörsity Week. Moreover, a dedicated eDesktop area is set up with further links (e.g. Queer Lexicon), important documents (e.g. Gender Equitable Language Guide, Equality Plan) and news on planned actions as well as a contact for questions and ideas.

The protection against discrimination was also particularly praised: at IMC Krems, any form of violence or discrimination has no place and is not tolerated. At the internationally oriented university of applied sciences, diversity and the appreciative collaboration of people of all origins, genders, ages and regardless of their sexual orientation who study and work here are the basis of the university culture.

"As an internationally rooted university, diversity is very important to us, as both our students and teachers have the most diverse backgrounds. We took part in the LGBTIQ+ audit with great interest, as it offers an opportunity for learning and improvement. In the course of completing the questions, we were able to gain many valuable tips and ideas for future actions and changes in order to further anchor and support diversity at our university," says Academic Head Martin Waiguny.

Facing the future with pride

IMC Krems naturally wants to go beyond Pride Month and promote more diversity and equal opportunities. Diversity and equal opportunities are to be emphasised even more clearly in the online area and campaigns for students and employees will be offered on an ongoing basis. In addition, there will be more support and concrete contact points for students.