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IMC Krems in online mode

Distance learning & mobile working are a success

Successful for three weeks: The entire studies at IMC Krems have been changed to distance learning and will run in online mode until the end of the summer semester. Employees in teaching, research and administration are facing new challenges.

Die Geschäftsführung der IMC FH Krems, Ulrike Prommer und Karl Ennsfellner, sind stolz auf das IMC Team, den Zusammenhalt und die vielen Innovationen, die umgesetzt wurden für einen Studienbetrieb im „Online-Modus“.

The CEOs of IMC Krems, Ulrike Prommer and Karl Ennsfellner, are proud of the IMC team, the team spirit and the many innovations that have been implemented for the current "online mode".

It has been almost a month since IMC Krems switched all its courses to distance learning. Tutorials from the university of applied sciences as well as individual online support if required facilitated the switch to digital learning modes.

At present, intensive work is being done to be able to carry out the exams digitally as well. To this end, a software tool allowing for virtual exams is being tested.

Success factors: transparent information and ongoing exchange

"The IMC team has mastered the challenge of switching to an online mode within a very short time. All processes are now handled digitally. The organisation was very well prepared, the crisis management team is doing a great job. We are also in close contact with our 140 partner universities and 10 international locations. Our primary goal is to ensure that our students can finish their semester or graduate in time," explains our CEO Ulrike Prommer.

Continued studies through innovative didactic models

Both students and teachers have gotten used to digital lectures. Virtual classrooms and e-learning are already part of everyday life.

One example of such innovative online teaching concepts is the "Remote Tasting Lab" from the International Wine Business bachelor degree programme. The "Remote Tasting Lab" is a live video lecture. Students have received tailored wine tasting kits to their homes in advance and during the lecture, they can taste exactly the same wines that the lecturer is talking about at that moment.

"In the Marketing master degree programme, an US guest lecturer teaches via virtual classroom. James Kenelly has to get up at 4 a.m. for his classes in order to teach the students despite the time difference. But he's not the only one showing unbelievable commitment, our 300 employees and teachers are also doing everything they can to ensure that students do not suffer any disadvantages during their studies. This commitment is truly remarkable. I am very happy that everything works perfectly online, even from the USA," says CEO Karl Ennsfellner happily.

Research projects continue despite special situation

The research projects of IMC Krems are continued virtually as well.

In the current situation, the number of companies using mobile working and especially home offices has risen sharply. Michael Bartz, lecturer at the IMC Krems, conducts research in cooperation with AKNÖ in the context of the "Project Fund Work 4.0" on the rules for mobile working.

In the upcoming months, a 'toolbox' will be developed that will enable companies to set up the appropriate rules for mobile working themselves in a short time or to optimise an existing set of rules. The research project is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as this is where the greatest potential benefits can be found.