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IMC Krems for peace as a common goal

The belligerent attack on Ukraine, which violates international law, has put Europe and the world in a highly precarious situation and deeply shocks us at IMC Krems. 

IMC Krems is an international, cosmopolitan and neutral university, which is why we are clearly opposed to any kind of violence or acts of war. This form of aggression is not to be tolerated.

Dialogue is one of the strengths of the education and science sector and also of our university, which is why we at IMC Krems regret and strongly condemn this violent attack on Ukraine. Talks must always be the first choice; and conflicts must only be settled at the negotiating table. We hope that diplomatic negotiations will counteract further escalations.

Only together, hand in hand, can people be made to understand that peaceful coexistence is possible. This applies to everyone: Ukrainians, Russians, Europeans and the rest of the world.

Our thoughts are with all those affected, especially, of course, with our students and members of our partner university, KROK University in Kiev, to whom we offer our help and support as much as possible.

It is now essential to help everyone who is in need. In our humanitarian tradition, as we are used to at IMC Krems and also in Austria. Together – in order to return to a peaceful coexistence!