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IMC cooperating with SAS

IMC Krems and SAS Inc., worldwide leader in business analytics software and services, start a new cooperation in the master programme “Digital Business Innovation & Transformation”.

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems and SAS Inc., the world's leading provider of business analytics software and services, are launching a new cooperation in the Master's programme "Digital Business Innovation & Transformation".

With the updated curriculum starting in the academic year 2022/23, business students studying in the master’s programme Digital Business Innovation & Transformation at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, will gain skills in data analytics, among other things. They use state-of-the-art point-and-click software tools such as SAS Viya® to analyse vital data to make informed strategic and operational decisions in day-to-day business and to gain competitive advantages through digital innovations capitalising on the power of data.

Markus Grau, Global Academic Programme Manager at SAS, summarises: “Students who complete the defined set of SAS content will be eligible for the SAS Academic Specialisation Badge of Digital Business Analytics, which will open up even more job opportunities for this much demanded skill. IMC is one of only two universities in Austria to offer SAS certificates as part of studying and is the first and currently only university out of more than 300 worldwide partner universities to offer this unique Digital Business Analytics certification.”

Future-oriented competence expansion

“I am happy to offer our business students yet more certification options in addition to their master’s degree. Students of this programme will then be eligible for certifications as Digital Officer and Innovation Risk Manager from Austrian Standards, as well as     Digital Business Analytics from SAS. Students will become generalists capable of bridging the gap between business and IT domains, bringing urgently needed innovation and change to organisations, whilst understanding the strategic business implications without neglecting the ethical and sustainability aspects. Students will also gain fundamental skills in creativity, critical thinking and problem solving,” says Dr. Roger Hage, programme director at IMC Krems.

He continues: “An innovative new self-directed learning course was recently introduced and runs over three semesters. Students will learn how to optimize self-study, preparing them for lifelong learning and allowing them to individually choose any personally relevant hard or soft skill – which is not part of the curriculum – to acquire and master during their studies. The list of competencies is limitless and constantly evolving according to market needs and could include, for example, personality skills such as conflict management, systemic coaching and mindfulness or project management skills such as SCRUM Product Owner and SCRUM Master, or even programming languages such as Python, Java Script, Solidity – for smart contracts –, Unity – for Virtual Reality – or other technical skills from independent providers such as SAS, ORACLE, Salesforce or SAP.”

Interested students are welcome to apply for this master’s programme. More information can be found under: 

 „Digital Business Innovation & Transformation“