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High vaccination willingness: A THANK YOU to the students

Successful start of studies: Since mid-September, about 1,300 first-semester students have started their studies at IMC Krems. In addition to good planning, one of the main reasons for the smooth start of studies at the university of applied sciences is the high vaccination rate of Austrian students, which also has had a very positive effect on the current situation at IMC Krems.

4 Studierende am Campus mit Maske am Campus

After several semesters of mainly online lectures, the students of IMC Krems are finally back on campus.

High vaccination rate at universities brings stability and safety

Austrian universities show encouragingly high figures with regard to the vaccination rate with a COVID-19 vaccine: 79% of the students have already been fully immunised by the end of August.

At the universities in Lower Austria, the rate was even as high as 82% in the same period.

At IMC Krems, the already high vaccination rate is to be additionally positively influenced by a low-threshold vaccination offer in the form of vaccination buses directly at Campus Krems. At the first event, more than 100 people took advantage of this vaccination offer. In a few weeks, the vaccination bus will make its 2nd stop at Campus Krems.

"We would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to our great students and teachers. Without their willingness to support the current measures - and especially without the high level of willingness to be vaccinated - the start of studies in this form would not have been possible," emphasises Prof. (FH) Dr. Martin Waiguny, the Academic Head of IMC Krems.

A successful start to the new semester

A total of around 3,300 students have started the new semester at IMC Krems. Safe study conditions are ensured, among other things, by the high vaccination rate, a hybrid course concept in which on-site and virtual courses alternate, and strict compliance with and monitoring of the applicable 3-G regulations.

Not only the first-semester students are happy about the return to more normality, but also the students of higher semesters, some of whom have anchored on-site courses in their schedules for the first time.

A fresh kick-off for more academic mobility

It is particularly positive that academic mobility at IMC Krems is once again being prioritised in the current winter semester: Already in September, the university welcomed more than 50 international exchange students to Krems. At the same time, almost 90 students have decided to spend a semester at one of the more than 150 partner universities. International destinations are also once again very popular in the internship semesters.

Good prospects for the summer semester

"Our team is already starting to plan the summer semester - and this much we can already reveal: We are looking forward to a semester in which our students will once again spend a lot of time on campus. The goal is to return to a normal study routine," says IMC Krems CEO Ulrike Prommer.

So there will be a further step towards normality regarding the studies at IMC Krems from the summer semester onwards. Courses will then again be held for the most part on site in Krems, online courses will only be used specifically as a didactic tool.