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ERBER Group: The most popular employer in Lower Austria

Proud to be a graduate of IMC Krems

The ERBER Group is the most popular employer in Lower Austria among the more than 9,000 graduates of our university of applied sciences. 27 of them work for the well-known company, which operates in 130 countries worldwide and has its headquarters in Getzersdorf, Lower Austria.

Die Kremserin und IMC Absolventin Birgit Leitner (ganz links auf dem Foto 2. Reihe) ist Employer Brand Manager bei der Erber Group. Sie freut sich über die große Anzahl an IMC Absolventinnen und Absolventen, die in den verschiedensten Bereichen in der Firmenzentrale in Getzersdorf oder am Forschungscampus in Tulln tätig sind.

Birgit Leitner, a graduate of IMC from Krems (far left in the 2nd row of the photo) is Employer Brand Manager at the ERBER Group. She is pleased about the large number of IMC graduates who work in various areas at the company headquarters in Getzersdorf or at the research campus in Tulln.

IMC FH Krems has been proud for years of the high employment rate of graduates and the fluent entry and career path. 98% of the graduates find an adequate job within a short period of time after completing a bachelor's or master's degree or even have one or more job offers during the final semester. The fact that the students from Krems are well prepared for an international career was recently confirmed in a representative survey amongst our alumni.

Highly trained specialists are very popular

One of the success factors is the high practical relevance, the close cooperation with the regional economy and industry as well as the high acceptance of the Krems alumni on the national and international job market. Therefore, the University of Applied Sciences Krems is all the more pleased that about 5% of all employees of the ERBER Group with its brands Biomin, Romer Labs, Sanphar, bio-ferm and ERBER Enzymes come from IMC FH Krems.

They work at the company headquarters in Getzersdorf or at the research campus in Tulln. They have completed their diploma, bachelor's or master's degree at our university of applied sciences. The qualifications run through almost all degree programmes: Our bachelor and master degree programme in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Export-oriented Management, Unternehmensführung, Marketing and Tourism and Leisure Management.

"As a globally operating and growing company, we need well-trained specialists. We often find them among the graduates of IMC FH Krems" says Melanie Zorn, Recruiting Specialist at ERBER Group and herself an alumna of IMC Krems.

About ERBER Group

ERBER Group is a leading group of companies in the field of food and feed safety, focusing on natural feed additives, feed and food analysis, as well as crop protection, and headquarters in Getzersdorf/Lower Austria.