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Distance Learning & Mobile Working successfully launched

The change to Distance Learning and Mobile Working has been very successful so far.

Betrieb an der IMC FH Krems ist erfolgreich auf Distance Learning & Mobile Working umgestellt

Students, lecturers and the IMC team stay in contact virtually.

More than 600 virtual lectures are already planned until Easter. Where possible, the IMC Krems can, therefore, continue its studies online.

Students are very enthusiastic about this offer. Many of them are grateful for the measures taken over the last few days and emphasise that they are pleased that the study programme could be changed to distance learning so quickly. The regular information and the highly professional handling of the current situation are also positively received.

One of our part-time lecturers adds: "After almost 10 years as a lecturer at IMC Krems, it is clear once again how IMC stands together and what values define our community. I think we have also been able to show our students that their choice of university was 100% the right one". 

Tools and trainings facilitate the change to digital learning models

The change to distance learning has also gone well for most lecturers. Help and tutorials from our university as well as personal support if required simplified the change to digital learning models.

The programme director of the master degree programme in environmental and sustainability management emphasises: "I was personally surprised and pleased to see that there is so much interaction possible in virtual classes.” He would like to thank his students for their collaboration and positive feedback.

Some lecturers also become very creative themselves and set up their own e-learning channels in which the contents of the courses can be worked through digitally with videos and tutorials. Afterwards the students have to solve exercises and tasks. Unscored quizzes also help students to consolidate the learning content. Using Canvas, for example, lecturers have the possibility to track who has already taken part and which questions have caused difficulties. In addition, communication takes place parallelly via Microsoft Teams, where questions can be asked, and problems can be solved.

"The supervision of the bachelor theses is also currently carried out by Microsoft Teams. I have set up general channels where questions can be posted that affect everyone - for example, where good sources can be found. In addition, I have private channels for all the students I supervise, where the individual coordination and supervision takes place. The students are also able to see free slots in my calendar and can book virtual meetings if they need support," says a lecturer from the Informatics bachelor degree programme.

Mobile Working done right

Since Monday, about 300 employees of the IMC Krems have been working from home. Meetings are held virtually, and all activities are coordinated online. The change to Mobile Working was prepared in advance by the management team in close cooperation with IT Services and the human resources department in order to remove any technical obstacles and give the IMC team the necessary security for a challenging situation.

Our IMC team is regularly provided with information - be it updates for parents of children requiring care, tips on mobile working or gossip in the "IMC @Home" group.

One of our employees describes the current mood as follows: "As a staff member, I feel well informed in a way that sensitises, but does not spread panic."

Preparations for the Virtual Bachelor Info Day are entering the final round 

In a very short time, we have also made a virtual addition to our range of services for our prospects: instead of the Bachelor Info Day on site, there will be an opportunity to obtain additional information about our bachelor degree programmes from Thursday, March 19, 2 pm onwards virtually. In online videos, our programme directors will present their bachelor programmes.

From Export-oriented Management to Applied Chemistry and Informatics: The videos will remain on the Bachelor Info Day website and on YouTube afterwards.