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Back on Campus: Summer semester with 75 percent attendance

After two years of pandemic, the crisis mode at IMC Krems will end with the coming summer semester.

4 Studierende stehen gemeinsam am Campus

There is cause for celebration: In summer semester 75% of the courses will be held in attendance again.

IMC Krems as a safe university

In the last two years, IMC Krems was able to establish itself as a safe university. It became apparent that contagions do not occur at the IMC Krems, but rather in the private environment. We have thus created a safe place to study and work. For the summer semester 2022, there is therefore reason to rejoice: 75% of the courses will be held in presence again.

"Safety First" still applies

In order to maintain safe university operations, the motto continues to be "Safety First". The strict hygiene guidelines nevertheless remain in place. This means that the 2.5 G rule for students, staff and lecturers will continue to apply in the summer semester. In addition, wearing a FFP2 mask in class is also still mandatory.

What changes do students, lecturers and the IMC team have to expect?

With the start of the summer semester, the buildings of the IMC Krems will be reopened during operating hours and thus made accessible to all without ID cards. In addition to the increased number of face-to-face lectures, excursions and company visits will also be possible again. The final exams in June 2022 will also take place on site again this year. Furthermore, the IMC team will again be able to go on business trips at home and abroad in the coming semester.