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Applied research at the highest level in Krems

The Research Institute Krems Bioanalytics offers contract research in the field of biotechnology.

Forschung auf Topniveau: Unsere Expertinnen und Experten forschen auf dem Gebiet der Biotechnologie. © ecoplus/Daniel Hinteramskogler

Top-level research: Our experts conduct research in the field of biotechnology. © ecoplus/Daniel Hinteramskogler

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems offers degree programmes in a wide variety of fields, including biotechnology. Both the bachelor and master degree programmes are well established and demand is high. However, it is less well known that there are also jobs available in the field of biotechnology. These jobs are not jobs for lecturers, but jobs in research.

The Research Institute Krems Bioanalytics was founded in 2014. It is the contract research institute of the IMC FH Krems and is located at the Technology and Research Centre in Krems.

One-stop bioanalytics: Everything from a single source

The research institute offers a wide range of innovative bioanalytical services in the field of drug development. The institute develops tailor-made solutions for a wide range of customers and research applications.

"Over the past five years, we have achieved considerable success: More than 70 customer-specific analytical methods have been developed and validated and used in 14 clinical studies and more than 100 preclinical studies. We have also contributed our analyses to the development of six market-approved biopharmaceuticals," says Frank Horling, Deputy Head of the Research Institute.

Work is carried out in laboratories certified according to international standards (GLP, GCLP and ISO9001). In addition, industrial customers of the institute regularly audit the quality systems of the laboratory.

"To assess the safety of biological drugs, it is important to investigate whether antibodies are formed against the biologicals and whether these influence the efficacy of the drug. This is one of our core competencies," explains Andreas Eger, Head of the Institute and lecturer at the Department of Life Sciences at IMC FH Krems.

Strategic consulting services: In each development stage

The institute's team of 30 experts also offers consulting services for the industry. Data interpretation and risk assessment from the early research phase through to market approval of drugs are just as much a part of the core business as external audits of quality management systems for industrial customers or advice on scientific discussions with regulatory authorities and committees for monitoring data security.

Research partnerships: Achieving more through collaboration

Collaborations create synergies and help to achieve scientific goals quickly and cost-effectively. Research questions are addressed in close cooperation with academic institutions and companies in the pharmaceutical industry. In this context, the joint acquisition of research funds is at the centre of the activities of the research institute.