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Wine-Symposium 2022 was a success

As part of the Erasmus+ research project "Online Wine Courses", the International Wine Business degree programme organised the Wine-Symposium including the Student Wine Fair on 2 June.
IMC Krems and the project partners from Geisenheim University in Germany and the University of Camerino in Italy presented the video clips created in the project, including an interactive quiz. In addition, Blind Taste, a company in Weißenkirchen in the Wachau region that specialises in bottling wine for following blind tastings, introduced itself to the students.

Porträt von Albert Stöckl, Matthias Schmitt und Studierenden

Guillermo Pivetta Porras, Paulina Borowska, Marta Contarini, Programme Director International Wine Business Albert Stöckl, Matthias Schmitt from Geisenheim University, Ivan Damianov and Zsófia Horváth were excited about the successful Wine-Symposium at IMC Krems. © Photo credit: friedlundschmatz

Aim of the Wine-Symposium

The Erasmus+ project team presented on the topic of "Online Wine Courses". The Wine-Symposium thus offered not only live lectures and a discussion forum, but also the opportunity to attend sessions online and participate in discussions. The symposium was accompanied by online tastings to show that important parts of wine education can also take place in this way. This possibility represents a big leap towards closer cooperation, a higher degree of standardisation and greater efficiency in wine education programmes. It could also be an important starting point for achieving a higher level of quality in countries with less tradition and experience in wine education.

About the Erasmus+ project "Online Wine Courses"

So far, about 20 videos have been integrated into the curricula of the three participating universities. Lectures and workshops such as "Wine Regions of the World", "Wine Tasting and Description" and "Sensory Training" have been enriched by the use of online tutorials. The didactic framework was designed through the so-called "Inverted Classroom Concept". Students are given access to training videos in advance and can then actively participate in class. This ensures a much more intensive training. In addition, small topic-related online tests including quizzes were implemented to gradually replace large final exams.
Prof.(FH) Dr. Dipl.-BW(FH) Albert Franz Stöckl, MA, Programme Director International Wine Business, emphasises the constant availability of the online courses as the greatest advantage: “Learning can thus take place independent of location and at one's own pace. This guarantees individual access to knowledge.”
Furthermore, lecturers from distant countries such as Portugal were professionally supervised within the project and they were thus able to give lectures even over long distances.

International wine experts as guests at IMC Krems

International and national wine experts were invited. Among them were universities whose students and graduates can use the "Online Wine Courses" created in the project for in-depth training.
Geisenheim University was introduced as a project partner by Dr. Matthias Schmitt. "The great advantage of the Online Wine Courses is that the students can already deal with the content at home, which leaves more room for review and discussion in the lectures," he reported enthusiastically from the practical experience.

Student Wine Fair

In the afternoon, the International Wine Business Student Wine Fair took place. In groups of three, the students presented unusual wine regions and wine rarities. A wide variety of countries were represented, from Switzerland to Poland and Bulgaria to Georgia. The students had the task of presenting the wines from these countries and letting the audience taste them. Kerstin Kolm and Christina Nagy, themselves alumni of IMC Krems, were present for Wein & Co at the Student Wine Fair and were impressed by the students' commitment and beautiful wine stands.


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