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Why study tourism now?

Travelling nowadays offers a variety of experiences. Travel has become an integral part of our modern lifestyle – at least before the corona pandemic. It provides opportunities for personal growth and deepening relationships as well as for exploring new regions and cultures.

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The pandamic has accelerated many developements such as the digitalisation in the Tourism sector. (c) Syda Productions

Did you know that Tourism and Leisure Management opens doors to dream jobs?

At IMC Krems, you will learn how the change from appreciative to experienced travellers has taken place in our society and which tourism offers have emerged as a result. The corresponding basics are taught as part of our bachelor degree programme Tourism and Leisure Management, in courses such as “Understanding Tourism” as well as “Tourist Behaviour and Psychology”.

Did you know how important the local population is to the success of a destination? How the local population can be successfully integrated into tourism is taught in the courses “Destination Management” and “Sustainability in Tourism”. In “Experience Design”, we examine the possibilities and requirements that must be met today in order to offer guests and visitors emotionally profound experiences, which will be remembered for a long time. What is co-creation? And why is it a tool that leads to authentic experiences? We also provide answers to such topical questions.

Did you know that digitalisation and storytelling are trending?

However, we also address the current challenges of the tourism industry by monitoring and examining new developments and trends in the “Current Issues in Tourism” seminar. This includes innovations at the operational or destination level. During the pandemic, many developments that were already there before were accelerated: for example, digitalisation. Did you know that chatbots and voice assistants are increasingly used to get in touch with tourism providers and even for bookings? This topic will be discussed in more detail in “Digital Tourism”. In this course, success criteria for websites will be developed and the effective use of social media for marketing purposes will be taught.

To learn more about communication and promotional tools in tourism, “Marketing” is a key part of our curriculum. An important current trend in this regard: the use of storytelling. Great changes have also occurred in the event industry. That’s why we are asking ourselves: How do hybrid events actually work? What role does technology play in this context?

Did you know that our tourism training is an investment in the future?

Tourism is one of the industries, most severely affected by the pandemic. However, we all know that tourism will still be around after the pandemic is over. Lockdowns have caused many people to rethink tourism in general and specific tourism strategies. We are standing at a crossroads and must decide which path we’ll take. Will you join us in taking tourism in a new and sustainable direction?

“Committed people who not only face the challenges but also see an opportunity for themselves are welcome to join us! If you want to learn another foreign language in addition to English as the language of instruction, this is also the right place for you”, says programme director Dr. Claudia Bauer-Kroesbacher.


We offer our bachelor degree programme in a full-time and part-time format.

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