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Unique experiences

Jakob appreciates the diverse opportunities and the good support provided by IMC Krems

There is always a unique opportunity behind an unexpected change of plans: Export-oriented Management student Jakob had to adjust his study plans due to the pandemic - but he couldn't have been happier with the outcome. He was able to spend a semester abroad in France and gain valuable practical experience in a renowned Austrian company.

Portrait von Jakob Haas

During the pandemic, a unique opportunity arose for Jakob Haas, which he also took advantage of.

Getting to know Jakob

Hello everyone, my name is Jakob and I am studying Export-oriented Management in my 5th semester at IMC Krems. In my free time, I like to go running and try to stay in shape by practicing various sports (tennis, skiing, dancing), but I also like to be creative and am a bit of a hobby painter.

After my Matura at the HLW Tulln, which was already very business-focused, and the 6-month medical service with the Austrian Armed Forces, I started my studies here in Krems. In the end, I would say that my passion for global economic complexities and my interest in foreign cultures were the decisive factors for my choice of study. I also chose Krems because it was important to me from the very beginning not just to sit in a lecture hall as one of many numbers, but to be taught in a place where teachers and students know each other personally. 

A university close to its students

What I particularly appreciate about IMC Krems is that the people responsible (lecturers, staff, coordinators) spend a lot of their time supporting you in progressing with your studies, finding the perfect destination for your semester abroad and helping you with your choice of internship.

This proximity to the student is unique and almost impossible to find at any other educational institution and the special reason why I so much love studying at this university.

Marketing knowledge applied

I am currently completing my Practical Training Semester (PTS) at the Austrian Mint in Vienna. As a Marketing and Sales Intern, I enjoy a wide variety of tasks such as preparing market analyses, supporting product management, as well as retaining clients by customer support. In the last few weeks, I have repeatedly received positive feedback on the quality of my work and my work performance, and I have even been offered an extension of the internship. Many of the skills that I was able to apply in my everyday work, I obtained through my studies at IMC Krems. In this semester I was able to put theory into practice and it was even nicer to see how much of the knowledge I had acquired could actually become handy at work.

Away on exchange despite the pandemic

Despite the pandemic, I was able to spend an exchange semester in Reims, France at Neoma Business School. Highlights like visiting Notre Dame, driving through the vineyards in an old Citroën and the little things like dining with my host family made this semester one of the most enriching times of my life. At this point, I would recommend you not to forego the chance to spend a period of your life abroad. It will broaden your horizons, change your perspective on life and open so many doors in the future.

Looking back on the past year, I am even more grateful that despite a global health crisis, I was able to gain international experience and work in a renowned company alongside my studies. What I would like to leave you with: Don't be afraid of change (and a change of plans). Sometimes you have to take one step back to be able to take two steps forward again! Would you believe that two years ago I had completely different plans in my head than the wonderful experiences I have just described to you? And it doesn't matter what my plans were. It was only through the support of many IMC contributors that we were able to come up with a new plan in these difficult times. And I would also say that this is one of the greatest strengths of this institution - to be a reliable partner in the stormiest of times and, despite everything, enabled me to make my dreams come true.


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