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The eVRyLab on Austrian breakfast television

Good morning Austria, good morning from the IMC Campus Krems: On 21 April, the ORF format "Guten Morgen Österreich" reported live from our eVRyLab and thus brought the latest VR technologies into the spotlight.

Live-Schaltung vom eVRyLab mit Mitarbeitenden der IMC FH Krems und des ORFs

Michael Reiner, IMC expert and researcher in the field of VR projects, gave an interesting interview to ORF about the application areas of Virtual Reality.

Live from the eVRyLab

Preparations for the live broadcast from our university's eVRyLab began early in the morning at 5 am.

Our IMC researcher and project leader Michael Reiner was interviewed by reporter Pia Seiser about the possibilities of virtual reality. He explained the use and application areas of Virtual Reality to the audience in a simple and understandable way and went into more detail about different areas of application - from virtual museums, to training in dangerous situations, to various possibilities in the health sector.

He was assisted by his team Matej Hopp, Sandra Pfiel, René Mario Schuster and Florian Tiefenbacher.

Moving in the virtual space

Alongside the interview, a staff member of the eVRyLab presented the technologies mentioned. The focus of the demonstration was a VR museum application that was designed and programmed by the eVRyLab team as part of a research project.

The project leader was particularly proud of the innovative Omnideck, which enables movement in virtual space. How this works also became clear during the live broadcast.

Innovation in research and education

IMC Krems’ eVRyLab has created a highlight in virtual-reality movement technology, underlining its position as a digitalisation trailblazer in Lower Austria.

The eVRyLab is primarily used for the Scan2VR project and other research projects, but also for student projects and for school classes. Children and young adults are thus introduced to the topic of virtual reality. It is part of the Institute of Digitalisation and Informatics. The institute deals with the latest digital trends and forward-looking topics.

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