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Successful combination of wine & marketing

After graduating from the Höhere Bundeslehranstalt für wirtschaftliche Berufe, Anna-Maria Grillmaier chose the bachelor programme International Wine Business at IMC Krems – an education that comes naturally to a winemaker’s daughter from Langenlois. She spent her exchange semester at Holland College in Canada and her internship in the Netherlands. While she was employed at Kultur Langenlois GmbH, she decided to study for a part-time master’s degree in Marketing & Sales at IMC Krems. Today she heads KulturLangenlois as its managing director. Despite the challenging job, she still finds time to help out at her parents’ winery.

Porträt von Anna-Maria Grillmaier

Anna-Maria Grillmaier chose the bachelor degree programme International Wine Business and a part-time master’s degree in Marketing & Sales at IMC Krems. © Photo credit: Robert Herbst – Point of View

Why did you initially decide on the bachelor in International Wine Business?

On the one hand, it was my interest in wine, which I “inherited” from growing up in a winery, and on the other hand, it was also the mix of business topics, English as a lecture language and of course wine. I was interested in wine even before I started my studies. I knew the basics of how to make wine, but I wanted to expand my interest in wine knowledge.

What were the highlights of this degree programme?

The specialist lecturers, the numerous excursions and definitely also the opportunity to spend an exchange semester and an internship abroad were the highlights for me. The time abroad not only strengthened my language skills, but also my personality. The cultural mix within the class was also one of the highlights – on an interpersonal level.

Why was Marketing & Sales then the right master’s degree after the bachelor? In what way do the two programmes fit together?

I already worked at KulturLangenlois during my bachelor’s degree. Therefore, I knew that marketing was becoming increasingly important in the winery and a big topic at KulturLangenlois and that I would benefit from it on both sides. Because of my job, it was important for me to choose a degree that I could use in different areas. So, the combination of wine know-how and marketing was ideal for my job profile. The marketing degree is the perfect complement to the bachelor’s degree.

What were the highlights of the marketing degree programme?

Again, it was English as the language of lectures, but also the diversity and professionalism of the lecturers that I particularly liked.

The master’s programme was part-time. How did you manage the high demands of a part-time course?

Good question. Of course, I invested a lot of time in my job and my studies – leisure activities certainly suffered more often. In retrospect, however, I wouldn’t want to miss that time. With the necessary planning and discipline, you can do anything. Besides, I have always enjoyed working and studying – so both were really fun.

What do you particularly appreciate about IMC Krems?

I really appreciated the family atmosphere, the personal appreciation of the professors and also the mix of students. In my view, IMC Krems lives from the people who work, lecture and study there.

In what ways have you particularly benefited professionally from your education at IMC Krems, and what would you still like to contribute to your job?

On the one hand, it is certainly the expertise in many areas of marketing, the various strategic approaches and theories we learned, which I can apply directly in my job. All of this has helped me a lot to understand many processes and to put them into practice. On the other hand, what has also helped me a lot and what I want to continue to use is creative thinking. During our studies – whether bachelor or master – we were often required to think “out of the box”, and that also helped me a lot after graduation. Especially in the event industry, you often need very creative approaches to solutions.

Where do you see yourself in ten or fifteen years?

I can’t say that exactly today. In any case, there are some goals that I still want to achieve, but I don’t want to reveal them. But this much I can say: I would like to continue to develop at KulturLangenlois, establish a wide variety of events, try out new things and continue the old, as well as gain a foothold at home in the winery.

What advice would you give to a young person who is unsure about his or her choice of a UAS degree programme?

Go with your gut feeling – often you know exactly what you want but don’t dare to take the step. I often thought about whether my two programmes were the right decisions, and in retrospect I couldn’t have made a better choice.


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