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Insights into our master degree programme Digital Business Innovation and Transformation

Bastian Zechmeister is in his final semester of the IMC Krems master degree programme “Digital Business Innovation and Transformation” and gives insights into how to balance a job as a working student at SAP Austria and studying at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems.

Bastian Zechmeister provides insights into his master degree programme Digital Innovation and Transformation and about balancing studying and working full-time.

Bastian Zechmeister provides insights into his master degree programme Digital Innovation and Transformation and about balancing studying and working full-time.

Bringing together theory and practice

My name is Bastian Zechmeister, and I am currently in my last semester of the master degree programme Digital Business Innovation and Transformation (DIT). Before that, I also did my bachelor degree in Export-oriented Management at IMC Krems. Next to my studies, I work full-time as a working student in the marketing department of SAP Austria. In my remaining time, I usually either meet up with friends or play competitive video games.

At SAP Austria, I am mainly responsible for the execution of marketing activities around our HR software solutions, as well as supporting other lines of businesses with operational marketing tasks. I love working at SAP as I am lucky to be in a great team.

My work constantly provides me with deeper insights into the latest technological innovations, as well as with opportunities for personal development. The knowledge I have been gaining through my master degree programme further helps me to extend my perspective which is beneficial for my job and also vice versa. Personally speaking, this kind of exchange is exactly what I have been looking for.

No programming skills required

Since I am working in marketing and have not yet developed any programming skills, this master degree programme lets me dive into different coding languages from an economical perspective.

In other words, with my master programme I am able to understand what software developers are doing without actually having to become a proficient developer myself. Though, that is only a part of our master degree programme “DIT”.

Learning more about the mega trends that will shape tomorrow

What I enjoy most about this programme is the diversity of courses, especially when it comes to mega trends and managerial classes such as Digital Leadership and Change Management. We are also partially developing projects together with actual organisations.

Most of the courses are designed for open discussions and while they are moderated by the lecturer who has the theoretical expertise, the practical aspect and approach is always at the centre. The discussions in class are held in a closed environment where there is room for mistakes and active feedback is guaranteed.

It is not necessary to have an IT background

I strongly believe that being a student of this innovative programme does not require you to have an IT background, as most of my classmates are of all ages, with very different professional backgrounds and interests. Because of that, it’s much easier to adapt to different perspectives as it would be in a degree programme with a narrower scope.

Prospective students often ask whether or not it is achievable to work full-time besides doing a degree programme. Fortunately, my classes are mostly scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays. To me, the other two crucial factors that have to work in your favour in order to succeed are a supporting manager or team leader at work who supports your educational choice, and proper time management.

Creating an environment which allows fast reactions

I am of the opinion, that our mindsets which we continuously develop further, should also be reflected in the technology we use. Digital innovation is an important help for companies and organisations to transform themselves and unleash sustainable value in a networked, digital and intelligent environment.

This should also apply to technology we use in our everyday lives. Personally, I believe organisations should focus on measures to create an infrastructure that enables them to react dynamically to changes in their business environment.

Most recently, a vast amount of companies had to prepare their workforce for home office within days, mostly on their own. Organisations which use appropriate tools to foster communication between employer and employees clearly have an advantage now as the flexibility to manage their workforce remotely is given.

International spirit meets lasting connections

At the moment, I am writing my master thesis in which I research what impact the corporate culture of SAP Austria has on the work experience of its employees with regards to workplace innovations. Since I have never seen an office environment like this one at any other company before, I am already curious about the outcome.

As the end of my master programme is approaching faster than ever, I’ve already thought a lot about what should come next. I would love to stay in marketing or its related fields after I graduate. Also, I would like to continue working in an international environment, preferably in a small team, where teamwork is crucial, and a culture of openness is provided. Since I already got used to it, remote work would not be an issue anymore either.

Finally, I believe it is very important to sustain this feeling of internationality, which especially IMC Krems has offered throughout the years. Regardless of where you are from, you will not find any other university to make stronger and more lasting connections than here in Krems.

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