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Student Story: The exchange semester is a great opportunity

A look behind the scenes of our bachelor degree programme Export-oriented Management

Export-oriented Management student Simon Gumpinger started his studies in 2008. He is from Gars am Kamp/Austria and completed a secondary technical school in St. Pölten. After his civilian service he worked in a trade company. His passions are languages and sports.

Simon loves the international mindset at our International Campus IMC Piaristengasse.

Simon loves the international mindset at our International Campus IMC Piaristengasse.

A combination of business topics, economics and languages

During the first years of my secondary education, I particularly enjoyed learning languages – Spanish was my favourite. Then I went to a school where the focus was on technical subjects rather than languages. Therefore, I am really looking forward to having a language focus in my studies in Krems. What finally convinced me of the Export-oriented Management studies is the interaction of economic subjects and languages. In addition, I am interested in organisation and management. As a business engineer with a focus on logistics I have some prior knowledge in economic subjects.

Internationality at its heart

I am especially looking forward to international students and intercultural exchange, which is also a big topic in trade business. You have to view the trade process in a global way and consider various cultures. I cannot wait for the exchange semester because I have always enjoyed travelling, and this experience will be a great opportunity for me.

Ideal environment to follow my hobbies

I hope that I also find enough time for my sports. Krems is an ideal environment for that. I am a middle- and long-distance runner and dedicate a great deal of my leisure time to sports. I used to be amongst the top junior athletes in Austria. Now I am working on my dream to represent Austria as a member of the national team in an international championship one day. In winter time I enjoy working as a ski instructor in Salzburg.

My tip

Don’t let yourself be deterred by the lecture language being English. In business, English is the dominant language. Therefore, it is understandable that companies expect a certain level of English, and you are well off if you groove it during your studies.

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