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Student Story: At IMC you aren’t just an enrolment number

A look behind the scenes of our bachelor degree programme Export-oriented Management

Export-oriented Management student Verena Dengg from Upper Austria, completed her school leaver’s certificate at the commercial college in Steyr. Immediately after leaving high school, she moved to Pennsylvania to work as an au pair and experience life abroad. A passionate cook, she also enjoys travelling the world. She describes herself as a very open and determined person.

Verena loves the mix of different people and backgrounds at IMC Krems.

Verena loves the mix of different people and backgrounds at IMC Krems.

Studying the international way

My particular highlights of studying at the IMC Krems: the international focus, lots of colleagues from overseas, plenty of opportunities to learn Chinese, Russian and Arabic, the exchange semester and the practical training semester. I will be spending mine in Hong Kong – and I really can’t wait. It will also give me a chance to build on the Chinese language skills I have been honing here. Rather than taking part in the exchange semester, I decided to do an internship a little farther afield instead. The costs involved are not inconsiderable – while Hong Kong might sound amazing, I still have to make sure I have enough to cover the really high costs of living there.

Software applications as part of the curriculum

In my first year we had research methodology and learned about software applications such as Excel and Word, both of which were great because we can put what we have worked so hard on to good use when it comes to writing our bachelor papers.

Me and my student jobs

I have to be well organised as I have two parttime jobs. It is tough, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have to keep the money coming in since I would like to make a contribution towards the costs of my studies. And for people who come from a German-speaking background: if you choose to embark on this study programme, then English will not be as big an issue as you might think.

More than just an enrolment number

The great things about IMC Krems are the mix of different people and backgrounds, the degree of support offered by faculty members, consensusbased decision making, and that you aren’t just an enrolment number – people actually know your name.

My tip

If you still haven’t made your mind up about what you want to do, then you can’t go wrong with this programme. You’ve got languages, business, and soft skills – I’d say that this opens a lot of doors for you.

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