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Student Story: A good mix of theory and practice

A look behind the scenes of our bachelor degree programme Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Miguel Manago comes from a Philippine background but was born in Austria and went to the International Christian School of Vienna. What really pushed him towards studying biotechnology was his time as a paramedic during his civilian national service. He really wanted to understand why people were suffering - he wanted to help them.

Finding out how pharmaceutical products work is a great way to help people.

Finding out how pharmaceutical products work is a great way to help people.

Modern facilities and interesting programme content

I knew that the Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology programme at IMC Krems has a reputation for being very international. The thing that I was really interested in was the laboratory facilities. I had been to various labs before, but the instruments were not as sophisticated as the ones here at IMC Krems. When I saw them at the open day, I was even more interested. This set in motion a chain reaction, because I then looked into the content of the programme – and there was a really good mix of theory and practice. I was very impressed.

Great university reputation

Another reason for choosing IMC Krems was the university’s reputation. Some of my friends go here, and they only had very positive things to say about it. I looked at a range of universities and went for IMC Krems – a decision I don’t regret.

Working towards a common goal

I’ve only been here a short time, but already I feel part of a family on the programme. This is because we are all pushing each other to improve. It’s hard work and demanding. You have to put in the hours and it can be stressful. But the people I can rely on around me make it easier.

Changing they way I perceive things

Two courses have stood out for me: Anatomy and Physiology with Prof. Lechner, because he explained the way the body works – how everything is connected; even to things like lifestyle. This opened my eyes as to how complex organisms we are. The other course was Human Genetics with Prof. Hundsberger. Here we went deeper; small components in the body can play such an important role. Changing just the smallest thing can have life-threatening consequences. This blew my mind. I am very motivated to study hard and graduate – even if it takes a bit of blood, sweat and tears!

My tip

At the admissions interview don’t worry too much about having to speak English if it’s not your first language. If you focus too much on this, you might not pay enough attention to the content of what you are presenting. You have to convince the panel that you are capable of coping with this challenging programme.

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