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Spirits high at graduation ceremonies during lockdown

Graduation ceremonies at IMC Krems took place online once more in November 2020. And this time around there was another first for the university: Tuesday 17 November was the first day of the second Covid-19 lockdown in Austria, which meant that staff, Academic Board members and programme directors also participated from home. Their task was to match the success of the virtual ceremony held in October, which was live-streamed from the university’s main hall. And they passed the test with flying colours.


The graduates of the bachelor's degree programs in physiotherapy and midwifery also really celebrated in front of the screens with their families.

The graduates accepting their BA, MA, BSc or MSc degrees and taking the academic pledge were from the Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Midwifery, Music Therapy, Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Export-oriented Management, and General Nursing bachelor programmes; the Applied Health Sciences, Music Therapy, Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Management, Management of Health Institutions, Management of SME, International Business and Export Management, Environmental and Sustainability Management, Digital Business Innovation and Transformation, Marketing and Sales, and Tourism and Leisure Management master programmes, as well as the Tourism and Financial Management continuing education master programme.

A very special virtual celebration

The degree programme directors, IMC Krems CEO Dr. Karl Ennsfellner, Chair of the Academic Board Dr. Martin Waiguny, and Deputy Chair of the Academic Board Dr. Manfred Pferzinger offered warm words of congratulations to the graduates.
1,000 students from 27 different programmes graduated from the university in 2020, taking the total number of degrees awarded by IMC Krems to almost 11,000.

Ceremony also held in Hanoi

At Hanoi University, 34 new graduates of the Tourism and Leisure Management transnational programme celebrated their academic achievement at a major ceremony held on 12 November.
Although no representatives of IMC Krems were able to attend in person, Karl Ennsfellner and programme directors for transnational programmes Dr. Christian Kümmel and Andrea Stopajnik sent their best wishes by video message and followed the event online. The Austrian Ambassador to Vietnam in Hanoi, Dr. Thomas Schuller-Goetzburg, was in attendance and presented the certificates.

Close bond with their alma mater

Most IMC Krems graduates maintain strong ties with the university. Staying in touch is easier thanks to the Alumni Network, which helps graduates to sustain their professional networks. It has 40 international Alumni Chapters dotted across the globe, organises face-to-face and virtual meet-ups, and offers the alumni community a host of other benefits. Over 8,000 graduates have now joined IMC Alumni groups on the career-focused social networking sites Xing and LinkedIn.

“I’m delighted that we managed to add a very special and fitting touch to our virtual graduation events during the lockdown, and offer my heartfelt congratulations to the new graduates,” commented Martin Waiguny, Chair of the Academic Board at IMC Krems.

“We’ve done it! 1,000 new graduates received their degrees at the graduation ceremonies in November, despite having to hold the events online this year. But at the earliest opportunity, as soon as it’s possible again, we’ll hold a fitting celebration for our class of 2020 where we can raise a glass to their success,” was the hopeful message from IMC Krems CEO Ulrike Prommer.


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