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Pop-up gratulations on successful completion of studies

This year's final exams will be conducted on-site.

More than 400 new graduates will receive their diplomas at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems in June. Additionally, there will be over 130 at the IMC Krems transnational campuses in Azerbaijan, China, Latvia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

2 Studierende mit Martin Waiguny und Alfred Radauer nach der Pop-Up Gratulation

Freshly graduated Master alumni: Barbara Weidenauer and Christoph Oblack - the first alumni of more than 400 new young graduates of the class of 2021, who received their congratulations from their programme director (Management), Dr. Alfred Radauer and the Academic Head, Prof. (FH) Dr. Martin Waiguny.

On-site final exams and pop-up congratulations

The final exams in June will be conducted on-site at the IMC Campus Krems in presence. Following a successfully passed exam, so-called "pop-up gratulations" will take place up to twice a day. This means that the graduands receive congratulations, a photo, a diploma certificate and a "graduation box" with small gifts from the academic head and the IMC CEOs in the large event hall. Families and guests, as well as the traditional on-site reception, must still be foregone.

It is a very personal congratulation that reflects recognition of the student's accomplishments. The official graduation documents are sent to the freshly graduated IMC students in the days following the examination period as officially electronically documents.

More than 12,000 degrees in total

The number of new degrees at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, founded in 1994, thus rises to over 12,000. The new bachelor alumni come from the degree programs in Betriebswirtschaft für das Gesundheitswesen, Business Administration, Ergotherapie, Export-Oriented Management, International Wine Business, Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Physiotherapie, Tourism and Leisure Management and Unternehmensführung.

The new master alumni are from the degree programmes in Digital Business Innovation and Transformation, International Business and Economic Diplomacy, Management, Management von Gesundheitsunternehmen, Marketing, Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Musiktherapie and Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement.

The master course in Financial Management, which was developed in cooperation with the Austrian Financial Services Academy (FAF), is also pleased with the new graduates. This UAS course is an innovative continuing education program for current and future managers in the finance and insurance industry.

Applied Chemistry: The first graduates

The first graduates of the technical bachelor's program "Applied Chemistry" can look forward to a smooth start to their careers, because the chemical industry is already waiting for top-qualified employees who also have a lot of practical experience.

Impressions that last for a life time

The freshly graduated IMC alumni have left lasting impressions in the course of their full-time studies, for example during their internships at well-known companies. With the good job prospects confirmed by numerous studies for IMC FH Krems graduates and the values they have learned at IMC FH Krems, the alumni will also impressively master their future path.

Best preparation for professional careers

"The degree programmes at IMC Krems are characterised by high quality, practical relevance and content that reflects the current state of science. This is how we best prepare graduates for their future careers, whether in Austria or internationally," says Prof. (FH) Dr. Martin Waiguny, Academic Head at IMC Krems.

There are still a few remaining study places

More than 3,000 students from over 70 nations were enrolled at IMC Krems in the academic year 2020/21. Applications for remaining study places are still possible until July 31 in some degree programmes.

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