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On campus first

IMC Krems will start the upcoming winter semester with up to 70% presence lectures

At the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, the winter semester 2021/2022 will start under the motto "On campus first". After three semesters of Distance Learning, there will again be as much face-to-face teaching as possible - naturally in compliance with the applicable hygiene guidelines and as far as the general covid-situation in the fall allows. Courses and examinations will again be held to a large extent in presence. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that hybrid courses will still be necessary to complement attendance.

Studierende reden vor dem Gebäude am Campus Krems

IMC students return to IMC campus in the upcoming fall and are able to consume many face-to-face courses.

Preparations for the coming winter semester are underway intensively

"In the coming winter semester, we want to allow all of our students to spend as much attendance time as possible at one of our locations - the IMC campus, Piaristengasse or Gozzoburg. At the same time, we also focus on providing the greatest possible security for students," report IMC CEOs, Mag. Ulrike Prommer and Dr. Karl Ennsfellner.

"Of course, it is still our most important goal to offer our students a high-quality study program on the one hand and to ensure the health of everyone involved at the same time. Preparations for the coming academic year continue to be intensive. We have decided on a hybrid winter semester, whereby we strive to offer as many "on campus" presence units as possible," emphasizes the Academic Head, Prof. (FH) Dr. Martin Waiguny.

What does "on campus first" mean in concrete?

"On campus first" means a mixture of face-to-face and online sessions, while adhering to the rules of hygiene and conduct on site. The attendance phases take place in compressed form in weeks spread over the semester. In part-time programmes, there is an intensive block week and several weekends spread over the semester. If a week or weekend is not designated for presence, virtual units can be scheduled on that weekend. This means face-to-face and online phases alternate throughout the semester.

Practical units will be spread over the semester due to the room situation in order to be able to comply with the hygiene standards in the laboratories during the practical exercises. Group sizes will be reduced for this purpose and larger rooms will be prepared for the practical courses. New students will find more detailed information about this in their timetable in good time at the beginning of the semester.

"According to the current planning, we come up to 60-70% attendance, depending on the course and semester. The exact breakdown can then be seen in the respective timetable at the beginning of the semester," explains Waiguny.

Student housing

One of the most frequently asked questions by new students concerns living in the study city of Krems. We can tell all those who want to make Krems their temporary second home in order to get to know real student life: "Yes, it pays” to rent a shared apartment or a room in a student dormitory, since the classroom teaching will be compressed but spread out over the entire semester.

Safety first still applies

"On campus first" in the coming winter semester also means "safety first". And that applies to students as well as faculty and staff. To this end, special hygiene and behavioral rules have been drawn up on site. The current situation is evaluated on an ongoing basis. Both notifications and contact tracing are handled via the general COVID-19 contact point at IMC Krems: info(at)fh-krems.ac.at.

What will happen until the end of the summer semester?

Currently, the IMC barometer is set to orange. Teaching still takes place in online mode - exceptions are non-substitutable lab exercises and practical exercises with additional protective clothing in Health Sciences (FFP2 mask, face shield, gloves, plastic apron) and Life Sciences (FFP2 mask, lab goggles, gloves, lab coat).

Final exams on site and pop-up gratulations

The final exams in June are held on-site at the IMC Campus Krems in presence. Following a successfully passed exam, so-called "pop-up gratulations" take place up to twice a day. This means that the graduands receive congratulations, a photo, a diploma certificate and a "graduation box" with small gifts from the academic director, the IMC management in the large event hall. Families and guests, as well as the traditional on-site reception, must still be foregone. It is a very personal congratulation that reflects recognition of the student's accomplishments. The official graduation documents will be provided to the freshly graduated IMC students in the days following the examination period as electronically officially signed documents.