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New podcasts from International Business students

As part of their courses, students on the International Business and Economic Diplomacy (IBE) degree programme were given the task of producing their very own podcast on a topic of global significance. 


The students of International Business and Economic Diplomacy create podcasts on hot topics.

First two episodes

Denise Sikula and Vivian Thurner both work in the finance industry, focusing on investment. In their podcast ‘Girls just wanna have funds’, they talk with Carmen Mayer about investment strategies for women.
The ‘Gender quotas in leading positions’ podcast is the brainchild of Katharina Mayr and Katrin Frank. They were joined by Katarzyna Greco MBA to discuss discrimination in senior management. 
The remaining students’ podcasts will drop on Podigee on Mondays at three-week intervals over the coming weeks. 

International Business and Economic Diplomacy master degree programme

Against the backdrop of current economic and political developments, students on the programme learn how to recognise the significance of international business relations and capitalise on them in order to achieve success on international markets. This two-year master programme is centred on developing broad-based, forward-looking expertise related to international management and economic diplomacy. The programme gives students managerial skills that enable them to confidently hold their own in a competitive and constantly changing environment. The programme also comprises wide-ranging practical elements, with a focus on ongoing enhancement of soft skills and research techniques, all of which improve students’ employability.

Lecturers straight from the business world

The teaching staff on the International Business and Economic Diplomacy programme help to create a perfect blend of theory and practice. All IBE lecturers have years of experience in their respective fields and provide programme participants with insights into day-to-day work. Students learn about the differences between companies in various industries in terms of their corporate culture, business plans, as well as management and international expansion strategies. Besides lecturers from the private sector, courses are also held by economic diplomats such as trade delegates and public-sector specialists, who can highlight the career opportunities open to students in these areas. 

Driving internationalisation

The International Business and Economic Diplomacy degree programme is the perfect option for anyone looking to take their public or private-sector career to the next level. After gaining insights into and learning how to navigate different cultures and commercial environments, political and diplomatic challenges, as well as international investment, management and marketing strategies, IBE graduates are ideally placed to support their future employer’s strategic decision-making processes. Adopting a global approach to business is essential for many companies, so the ability to operate in an international setting – for example, working with international partners, suppliers, customers and employees – is absolutely vital for the majority of businesses and institutions. And the skills which graduates bring to the table will benefit any employer that does business in or has links to an international environment.

Online applications open from 1 December 2021

Prospective students can apply online for a place on the International Business and Economic Diplomacy degree programme and all other programmes from 1 December 2021. 

More about International Business and Economic Diplomacy

Listen to the podcasts on Podigee




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