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New concepts for domestic tourism

IMC Krems Tourism students develop marketing concepts for tourism companies

Within the framework of the course "Integrated E-Strategy Development" taught by Christian Maurer, master degree students in the 4th semester of the degree programme "Tourism & Leisure Management" developed innovative strategy and marketing concepts for tourism companies.

Mag. Horst Berger (Geschäftsführer Stadtmarketing Krems), Prof. (FH) Mag. Christian Maurer (IMC FH Krems, Institutsleiter International Business) und Michael Biedermann (Stadtmarketing Krems, Leitung Tourismus & Eventmarketing) zeigen sich beeindruckt von den Konzepten der Studierenden.

Mag. Horst Berger (Stadtmarketing Krems, General Manager), Prof. (FH) Mag. Christian Maurer (IMC FH Krems, Head of Institute International Business) and Michael Biedermann (Stadtmarketing Krems, Head of Tourismus & Eventmarketing) are impressed by the concepts of the students.

The clients were Niederösterreich Werbung, Stadtmarketing Krems, Kärnten Radreisen and Concerts Austria.

From theory to practice

The project was launched at the beginning of the semester in a virtual meeting in which the customers explained the problems to the students. The various project assignments enabled the students to put into practice what they had learned in class.

The students developed a tourist mobility concept for the Niederösterreich Werbung. The development of a strategy for the positioning of Krems as a conference and congress city was the assignment of Stadtmarketing Krems. Kärnten Radreisen was interested in optimising its e-marketing activities and Concerts Austria commissioned the students with a feasibility study for the product idea "Green Travel for Choirs".

Added value for students and clients

In consulting teams, the students worked out innovative solutions and presented them to the customers on 7 May in a Microsoft Team online meeting.

The collaboration was a win-win situation for the customers as well as for the students. The clients were impressed by the creativity and professionalism of the students and the students were able to gain valuable experience through these "real-life" projects and also had a lot of fun, as the feedback from students shows: "The four of us were really keen on putting everything we have learned into practice and had a lot of fun working as a group."

Proven expertise in a new package

The master degree programme in Tourism and Leisure Management was redesigned in 2019 and is now offered as our master degree programme in Marketing with a major track in Tourism and Service Marketing.

This specialisation of the newly revised programme prepares students for, among other things, the planning and implementation of marketing and management tasks in tourist destinations, accommodation facilities, event or consulting agencies or similar service industries.

The use of information and communication technologies to optimise business processes (e.g. bookings, guest data, e-marketing) and to increase the customer experience is a particular focus.


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