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Made the right choice with Applied Chemistry

Anna Gruber has always been interested in natural science.

Anna Gruber has been studying Applied Chemistry at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems since fall 2020. She is 19 years old and comes from a small village in the Waldviertel, Lower Austria. The school she graduated from had a business focus, but she always preferred science subjects. Due to a lecture, she became aware of the bachelor's degree programme which is held in English. Her motivation was aroused and she knew exactly that "Applied Chemistry" was the right choice for her.

Portrait von Anna Gruber

Anna Gruber is proud to have mastered everything so well so far.

She talks about her experiences in an interview:

Great fellow students and professors with an open ear

"At first it was a big adjustment, but I am proud to have mastered it. Of course, also with the help of my great fellow students, whom I can always ask for advice and receive support whenever I need it. The lecturers also always have an open ear - this has already eliminated many questions."

This is what I benefited from: Practical lab sessions, Organic Chemistry & Green Chemistry

"The practical lab sessions surprised me the most, as you can and have to really find solutions to the respective tasks on your own. Green Chemistry also plays an important role in the course, which is of course a very positive aspect due to the fact that education creates new ways that can solve current environmental problems in the future. Now that I have been able to gain more experience, I can say that I find the branch "Organic Chemistry" very interesting and I am also already looking forward to specializing in this direction within the sixth semester. Life as a student can sometimes be stressful, so I like to do strength training and endurance sports in order to clear my head."

First a master’s degree and then working in pharmacy

"My career plans lead in the direction of pharmacy. Before that, I would like to complete a master's programme. I am very excited to see what the future holds for me."

My tip

"The most valuable thing for me in my studies is my high motivation. I personally think that with enough motivation, you can achieve all goals in life, no matter how impossible they seem at first."

More about the Applied Chemistry programme

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