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Love and study wine

Brigitta Virag found the right degree programme at IMC Krems to get her started in the wine industry

Her passion for wine has its roots in Burgenland. It was here that Brigitta Virag met a family of winegrowers a few years ago and gained her first experience in grape harvesting. A few seminars at the wine academy later, it was clear that Brigitta’s career should also involve wine. “Then I started looking for a degree programme – and found what I was looking for at IMC Krems,” says Hungarian-born Brigitta. “After Info Day, I immediately applied for International Wine Business.

Portrait von Brigitta Virag

Brigitta Virag wants to make it in the wine industry.

Guide for choosing a career

Today Brigitta Virag lives in Vienna and commutes to Krems. She particularly appreciates the good overview her studies offer. “At the beginning I didn’t know in which area of the industry I wanted to take root. My studies help me decide. I’m also learning to better assess myself and my abilities.” There was another help: the practical experience Brigitta gained during her three-month summer internship at a renowned winery in Burgenland. Here she was able to apply her knowledge directly.

Understanding viticulture and wine marketing

“In the degree programme, you learn to understand viticulture in general. Nevertheless, it is a business degree. Wine marketing plays a big role,” says the student. For Brigitta Virag, this orientation has the advantage that she can use the knowledge in the wine sector as well as in other industries.

Sharing the fascination of wine 

Brigitta also appreciates the team spirit among the students at IMC Krems. “We are all fascinated by the topic of wine and want to know more about the different varieties and flavours. That bonds us together. I’m already looking forward to starting joint excursions to wine regions again.”

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