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Innovative drone service provider for agriculture & forestry

IMC Start-up: Special drones for agriculture and forestry

Young entrepreneur Daniel Hübl is studying Unternehmensführung at the IMC FH Krems and has already caused a stir with his start-up "Agrarcopter", because the rescue comes from the air: A special drone finds and fights pests and analyses plants.

Daniel Hübl und seine Drohne: Der stolze Jungunternehmer erzählt von seinem Start-up.

Daniel Hübl and his drone: The proud young entrepreneur talks about his start-up.

For example, plant health problems or "water stress" in viticulture or arable farming can be solved. In an interview with IMC FH Krems, he explains his innovative business field and the connection with his business studies degree in Unternehmensführung.

Support from the air

Daniel Hübl has specialised in the use of drones in agriculture and forestry. The 20-year-old from Herzogenburg is convinced that some agricultural tasks can be carried out better and faster from the air than from the ground. The focus is on tried and tested applications such as biological pest control, which brings great economic benefits.

But new ideas are also constantly being born and useful methods are being developed. With the images and data obtained from the air, many things can be deduced and appropriate measures taken on the ground.

Digitisation in agriculture has development potential

In our country, the degree of digitisation in agriculture still varies greatly - but this much is certain: in some areas it offers real potential for improvement and savings. The data collected by drones, for example, is then analysed using a special software and the results are subsequently evaluated.

"I have acquired the knowledge for the analysis myself. However, a foundation stone has certainly been laid by the various analytical courses at IMC Krems," reports the visionary young entrepreneur from Lower Austria.

Multicopter: environmentally friendly, anticipatory and affordable

The range of services provided using the multi-copter - the technical term for drones - extends from biological pest control from the air by means of images that allow conclusions to be drawn about the exact condition of crops, to harvest forecasts and analyses of the need for action due to drought stress or pests.

This enables farmers and foresters to better tailor irrigation, pest control and fertilisation to the needs of the plants. The result is that areas can be specifically supplied without having to work the entire crop.

Monitoring of forest areas with drones equipped with high-tech cameras is very useful for forestry. Especially since this technology can detect bark beetle infestation already in individual trees and thus at an absolutely early stage. The multicopters are very fast and therefore the missions are quickly completed.

The young entrepreneur in our Founders Talk

The interview with Daniel Hübl provides deeper insights into his forward-looking business.

Why did you found your company at such a young age?

"In autumn 2019, I decided to turn my passion for agriculture and my keen interest in technological developments - especially with regard to drones - into a profession.

In the beginning I travelled a lot in Germany and Austria to find the right drone and the right business partner. After I bought a drone, I decided to found my company Agrarcopter and to offer innovative services for agriculture. I officially founded it on 1 March 2020."

What was your greatest motivation?

"My greatest motivation was the desire to support farmers in their work. The majority of farmers don't know that many things are easier and more ecological to do from the air.

Of course, climatic changes also play a role, as they make many farmers rethink their approach and it challenges me as an entrepreneur to find and provide new and organic solutions for agriculture."

How did your studies benefit your start-up?

"I benefited most from the business and marketing content, as it is the foundation for my self-employment. With a sound basic knowledge in these areas, I was able to start my own business because I knew what had to be done in business and how to address my target group in the right way.

In addition, through my work in a tax consultancy office alongside my studies, I learned what is important when founding a company and what steps need to be taken."

Which target groups are you addressing?

"My target group includes various areas of agriculture. No matter whether in viticulture or arable farming - there is an application for drones in almost every sector to support the farmer.

I address different customer groups in different ways. These range from very large wineries to small farmers who want to protect their fields from pests and who do not have the machines or the time to do it themselves."

What do you want to achieve in the next few years?

"The further plans are to win as many customers from agriculture and forestry as possible for my innovative service and to reach as many areas of agriculture as possible.

A lot will also depend on which technical innovations are launched on the market. Since drones are getting bigger and bigger and can carry heavier and heavier loads, there will be many new applications for my company in the coming years."


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