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Honorary titles awarded to faculty and partners

The ceremony highlighted outstanding achievements in academia and research

Vivat academia - vivant professores: The award ceremony of honorary titles is one of the highlights of the academic year at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems.

FH Prof Verleihung

First row from left to right: Fellow of IMC, Prof. Dr. Sumathy Sundar, Hon.Prof.(FH) RNDr. Milada Vitova, Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Tina Gruber-Mücke, Prof.(FH)Denise Kleiss  MSc., MBA, Fellow of IMC, KR Ing. Hubert Culik, Hon.Prof.(FH) Dr.iur. Philip Aumüllner LL.M. Second row from left to right: Hon.Prof.(FH) Dr. Elisa Hergueta-Covacho, Fellow of IMC Mag.(FH) PhDr. Petra Heidler MSc, MBA, Visiting Professor Dr.rer.medic Jörg Fachner, Hon.Prof.(FH) BaKK. Mag.   Birgit  Martinek, Hon.Prof.(FH) Mag. Stefan Vogel, Hon.Prof.(FH) Prof. Prim. Dr. Hans Salzer

On 18 October 2019, the management team of the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, Ulrike Prommer and Karl Ennsfellner as well as the Chair of the Academic Board Martin Waiguny awarded 14 full-time and part-time lecturers and researchers honorary titles. In addition, the title "Fellow of the IMC" was awarded for the first time.

Important pillars for the successful fulfilment of our educational mandate

During the award ceremony, the focus was on the individuals who make a significant contribution to students becoming successful graduates - namely the lecturers and researchers at IMC Krems.

"Excellence in teaching and research is a key factor for our success. The high quality of our academia is highlighted by the granting of honorary titles", explain our two CEOs Ulrike Prommer and Karl Ennsfellner.

"The recipients have not only fulfilled the university's criteria, but are also important pillars for the fulfilment of our educational mandate, which we as a university can only fulfil together with our lecturers and researchers. It is important to us to honour their high and long-standing commitment," emphasised Martin Waiguny, Chair of the Academic Board.

Honorary professors

Recipients of the title "Honorarprofessorin bzw. Honorarprofessor":

  • Hon. Prof. (FH) BaKK. Birgit Martinek, Mag.
  • Hon. Prof. (FH) Dr.iur. Philip Aumüllner LL.M.
  • Hon. Prof. (FH) RNDr. Milada Vitova
  • Hon. Prof. (FH) Prof. Prim. Dr. Hans Salzer
  • Hon. Prof. (FH) Dr. Elisa Hergueta-Covacho
  • Hon. Prof. (FH) Mag. Stefan Vogel
  • Hon. Prof. (FH) Andreas Schachenhuber, MA 

Visiting Professor

Dr. rer. medic Jörg Fachner was awarded the title "Visiting Professor" this year. For 10 years, he has been significantly involved in the development of the IMC music therapy programmes and in the research at the Josef Ressel Centre for Personalised Music Therapy.

Fellow of the IMC

This honorary title originates from the international field. A Fellow of a scientific society is someone who has made an important contribution to the goals of the society, be it through his teaching or research or through his service to the society itself. The honorary title "Fellow of the IMC" was awarded this year:

  • KR Ing. Hubert Culik, MAS
  • Prof. Dr. Sumathy Sundar
  • Mag. (FH) PhDr. Petra Heidler, MSc, MBA

Functional title: Fachhochschulprofessorin bzw. Fachhochschulprofessor

The title represents a special distinction for those members of the teaching and research staff who have qualified for it through their commitment in various areas. Specific formal and qualitative criteria have to be met.

Recipients of the functional title "Fachhochschulprofessorin bzw. Fachhochschulprofessor":

About the honorary titles of a university of applied sciences

The legal text FH-Studiengesetz stipulates that honorary titles may be awarded by a university of applied sciences, whereas professional titles may not be awared to faculty and staff. The provisions for such titles derive from the law itself, on the one hand, and are determined by the higher education institution and anchored in the statutes of the university, on the other.

For the functional title "FH-Professorin bzw. FH-Professor", the statutes provide for a series of criteria that affect both teaching and research; in addition, criteria such as didactic continuing education and special commitment to the further development of the degree programmes also play an important role. The functional title - as the name suggests - is awarded only for the duration of the active exercise of the function. The executive management and the academic board are jointly responsible, albeit in different roles.

Honorary titles are also subject to the fulfilment of criteria laid down by the academic board in its statutes, in particular with regard to teaching and commitment to the development or implementation of a degree programme. In this case, an agreement of the academic board and the executive management must be established as well. The title is awared for life. 


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