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Graduate Lisa Krapinger successful in marketing

Proud to be a graduate: Our alumni tell their stories

At Carbomed-Medical Solutions GmbH, where an innovative cycle tracker is sold, IMC Alumna Lisa Krapinger works as "Head of Marketing and Sales".

IMC Alumna Lisa Krapinger

Graduate Lisa Krapinger works at Carbomed-Medical Solutions GmbH as "Head of Marketing and Sales".

Interview with Lisa Krapinger, who completed her Master's degree in International Business and Export Management at IMC  Krems and markets a great, innovative product.

For one year now she has been working as "Head of Marketing and Sales" for the company Carbomed-Medical Solutions GmbH and distributes the product breathe ilo, a cycle tracker for women, which determines the fertile days over the breathing air. In an interview, Lisa Krapinger talks about her studies, her career and her everyday tasks.

Why did you decide to study at IMC FH Krems?

Lisa Krapinger: At that time I decided on the Master's programme "International Business & Export Management" at the IMC Krems because the IMC has a very good reputation and is always at the top of the University of Applied Sciences  rankings. In addition I decided during my Bachelor studies after my semester abroad that I would like to do a Master in English in order to be able to interpret my career internationally. IMC Krems has a very attractive offer for students to do just that.

Another plus for me was the opportunity to study at a high level while working, as I had already been working in marketing for several years and was able to put what I had learnt directly into practice. The interaction of lectures, practical exercises during my studies and my working relationship were certainly the foundation for a successful career.

Which contents from your studies helped you the most in your current job?

From the point of view of my current job, the course Online Marketing was one of the most important. Nowadays it is essential to focus on digital marketing. I think that the classical marketing tools are more and more slipping into the background and being replaced by digital applications. I therefore advise everyone and try to be fit in the area of data analysis and digital marketing, because this is where the future lies.

What was your career like after graduation?

During my studies I first worked at Red Bull Media House as Sampling Coordinator. Then I became a Brand Specialist at Heineken. Both are very large international companies, where I learned a lot and had great experiences.

Two years after my graduation I got the offer to accompany an aspiring start-up on its market entry. It was immediately clear to me that I would like to take this unique opportunity, because with a start-up I have the opportunity to build everything from the start and also influence the strategic plans. I have developed a lot over the past year and have certainly gained a lot of valuable experience and learned a lot.

How long have you been working for Carbomed Medical Solutions GmbH?

I have been working for Carbomed Medical Solutions GmbH, which is active in the field of medical technology, for about a year now. Carbomed develops products with breathing air analysis.

What is your area of responsibility at Carbomed Medical Solutions GmbH?

I am "Head of Marketing & Sales" and therefore responsible for all marketing and sales agendas. We have a very innovative product that we currently only sell online and in selected pharmacies. This means that my daily work is very much digital. We are very focused on online campaigns, so I am also responsible for performance marketing. In addition, I have to analyse campaigns and data that I enjoy very much. Our online marketing enables me to understand our User Journey very well and to learn and analyse a lot about our target group, as well as to focus the measures.

In the sales area we are in contact with many doctors and pharmacists. In addition, we have a number of cooperations with supplementary products, such as dietary supplements before pregnancy. So my area of responsibility is very broad and I really have the opportunity here to measure our success and take appropriate measures.

One of your current products is breathe ilo. What exactly is breathe ilo? How and why was it developed?

breathe ilo is a cyclustracker for women that determines the fertile days through the air they breathe. The woman breathes one minute a day into our device and the result is displayed on a smartphone app. You can also compare the individual cycles, enter daily symptoms and take notes for the doctor, for example. breathe ilo is primarily intended for the desire to have children. It is very exciting to be able to use the device to observe how the body changes during various cycle phases, for example during sporting activities.
But this is not where our product ends. We have also made it our business to focus on women's issues such as menstruation and unfulfilled childlessness. We address these topics very actively and try to organize events in this direction in order to create the awareness that women should support each other and not be silent.


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