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Gaining skills for common good

Henrik Sainio comes from Espoo, Finland. His passions are spending time and enjoying nature, hiking, camping and disc golf. 

Portrait von Henrik Sainio

For Henrik Sainio, practical relevance is the most important key feature.

What was decisive for you to decide to study Informatics?

Prospects of more practical work and team projects at IMC Krems were lucrative. I have been traveling a lot in Austria, so I felt very comfortable moving here to study.

What are your experiences with internships?

I have not completed the internship, but I have former working experience as a data science trainee in a large Finnish company, Neste, which produces renewable fuels. Sustainability and working towards common good was very important for me.

What content from your studies interests you the most?

I am looking forward to capstone projects and machine learning.

What specialisation will you choose and why?

I will be picking the Bio Informatics elective. Medical imaging and different possibilities of using big data in bio informatics interest me.

What do you benefit from the most?

Practicality is the key feature. It is essential to gain experience in practical work and learn how to work in groups for a common goal.

What is your goal after graduation?

I realise that learning in this field is continuous throughout the whole career. I will continue to learn and gain more working experience. My mission is to use my skills later for common good.

What is your motto?

Don’t run from mistakes, learn from them.

My tip

Learn how to manage your time. When you face tough times in your studies, remind yourself why you are here to learn to reinstate your motivation. Self-reflect your performance and stay kind to yourself, adjust.

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