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From the Caribbean to Krems

Kyra Sankar is 19 years old and from Barbados, a Caribbean island. She studies Applied Chemistry at IMC Krems.

Kyra Sankar mit einer Bekannten im Museum der Illusionen

Kyra Sankar is excited to carry out organic syntheses in the laboratory during her Practical Training Semester in the USA.

Kyra, how would you describe yourself?

If I had to describe myself in three words it would be humorous, sarcastic, and adventurous.

How come you decided to study Applied Chemistry in Austria?

In my free time I knew I wanted to study Chemistry but was not sure which field of chemistry I was interested in. That is why I was very glad when I found out about the new course, Applied Chemistry, being launched at IMC Krems.

What do you like best about studying at IMC Krems?

The programme has such a broad range of Chemistry in the syllabus that I could figure out which type of chemistry I want to pursue. I also really liked that IMC Krems is very international and their courses are held in English because English is my mother tongue. What interests me most about my studies is the practical course as I really enjoy working in the lab and I find it fascinating to see how the theory works in practice.

Where will you spend your Practical Training Semester?

I am excited to carry out organic syntheses in the laboratory during my PTS in the USA.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to continue my studies and get a master’s degree, but I am not sure where yet.


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