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Evolution of wine menus of Austrian top-class restaurants

Featureing outstanding final theses

Julia Gappmaier is a graduate of the bachelor degree programme "International Wine Business". In her bachelor thesis she compared the wine menus of Austrian ''Haubenlokale'' from 2008 and 2018. The central question: How high is the share of Austrian wines and which varieties or growing areas are preferred?

Julia hat im Rahmen ihrer Abschlussarbeit das Weinangebot in österreichischen Haubenlokalen analysiert.

As part of her thesis, Julia analysed the wine offer in award-winning Austrian restaurants.

Development of the Austrian wine sector

Over the last ten years, the domestic wine market has seen some changes. New DAC regions have emerged, new wine styles are offered and in demand. In addition, regionality has become more and more important in recent years – small wineries are now often preferred.

Due to these trends, the relevance of the results of a study from 2008 was called into question and a new edition of the research was planned, which was initiated in the context of the final thesis.

Haubenlokale in Österreich

In order to repeat the study, the same venues were contacted as in 2008. However, it quickly became clear that some establishments were not able to keep the level of quality over the last ten years or that some establishments no longer existed. In order to replace these restaurants, similar top-class restaurants in geographical proximity were selected for the study.

In general, however, there was an increase in the number of restaurants with one and two Hauben recommended by Gault&Millau. In the top segment, the number of restaurants stagnated.

Local wines on the wine menus of the award-winning restaurants

The research by Julia Gappmaier showed that the selection of wines in award-winning restaurants has increased overall. The number of Austrian wines on the wine menus of local "Hauben" restaurants has also increased significantly.

In the last ten years, white wine has become very important, while the number of red wines on the wine menus has decreased. Riesling is still the most important grape variety. It is closely followed by the Grüner Veltliner, which is the second most preferred wine of Austrian top-class restaurants.

Wines from the Wachau region continue to play a central role in the wine offerings of local restaurants. When analysing the price dynamics, it can be said that the increases in price surpasses the inflation rate.

Further research

Currently, two students from the fifth semester of the bachelor degree programme International Wine Business are working on the follow-up of the research. Programme director Albert Franz Stöckl intends to present the results at the conference "Academy of Wine Business Research" in Dijon, Burgundy, in summer 2020.

Valuable experience

Julia Gappmaier originally comes from the Pongau region of Salzburg. After graduating from the tourism school, she has already gained a lot of experience in various restaurants, hotels and wineries as well as at events like the Vierschanzentournee.

After her studies at the IMC Krems she worked as assistant to the management at the Hirtzberger Winery in Spitz, one of the top 10 wineries in Austria. Recently she returned to her roots and supports her parents' hotel business in the upcoming restructuring process.

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