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Career with International Business & Economic Diplomacy

The current COVID-19 crisis has created unforeseen challenges for international growth. In addition, understanding the interrelation between business, economics and politics has become even more important. The study programme of International Business and Economic Diplomacy (IBE) offers a unique combination of skills in international business and economic diplomacy, which are required for contributing to international expansion and international economic cooperation.

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The IBE degree is the best option to advance your career in the private or public sector.

Did you know the importance of economic diplomacy in international business?

The emergence of new markets, paternalistic tendencies in some countries, climate change, digitalisation as well as recurring challenges (such as economic crises due to structural changes) require not only corporate flexibility that allows a constant adaptation of business plans but also the development of new areas of cooperation between countries. While the current COVID-19 crisis has disrupted international business flows and unveiled weaknesses in global value chains, it has also shown how important international cooperation is. Economic Diplomacy builds frameworks for international cooperation, which allow firms to invest and explore international markets. It sets market rules, implements economic policies and advocates economic interests while involving a network of public and private agents.

Have you asked yourself which countries our students come from and what they did before?

The IBE programme is very consistent in its understanding of “international”: Besides the courses related to internationalisation taught in the programme, academic staff and students have international backgrounds as well. Students from more than 20 countries such as Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, etc. are enrolled in the IBE programme. They have academic backgrounds in business, economics, political sciences, law, engineering, etc. The diversity in the group enhances cross-cultural understanding, interdisciplinarity and contributes to a great learning environment.

Do you know the advantage of studying with teachers who come directly from the business world?

The academic staff in the IBE programme makes sure that there is a perfect mix of theory and applications. IBE lecturers have gathered years-long experience in their areas of expertise and also give you an insight in their day-to-day work. IBE students can learn about differences across industries with respect to organisational culture, business plans, management strategies and internationalisation strategies. Besides lecturers working in the private sector, some classes are taught by economic diplomats such as trade delegates and public sector professionals, who help you envision all the career opportunities in this area.

Did you know that through this programme you can contribute to the internationalisation process of your future employer?

The IBE degree is the best option to advance your career in the private or public sector. Having learned to understand and deal with different cultures, different business environments, political and diplomatic challenges and solutions, international investments, management, and marketing strategies will allow you to contribute to the strategic decision-making of your future employer. Since a global business perspective is a necessity for many firms, being able to operate in an international environment – with international partners, suppliers, customers, employees, etc. – is imperative for most firms and institutions. The acquired skills are therefore an asset for every employer (inter)acting in an international environment.

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