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Capturing customer experiences with apps: Are you satisfied?

Featuring outstanding final theses

Anna Reisenberger is a graduate of the bachelor degree programme "Tourism and Leisure Management". In her bachelor thesis she used mobile ethnography to examine authentic customer experiences in the restaurant "Gozzo by Late".

Anna Reisenberger erforscht in ihrer Bachelorarbeit mit Hilfe von mobiler Ethnographie authentische Kundenerfahrungen.

In her bachelor thesis Anna Reisenberger explores authentic customer experiences with the help of mobile ethnography.

Under the motto "Featuring outstanding final theses" we want to present outstanding bachelor and master theses and thus provide an insight into applied research.

What is mobile ethnography?

Mobile ethnography is a qualitative research method that records everyday experiences with mobile devices. Smartphones and other mobile devices are used to gain information about the customer independent of time and place. This makes it possible to view things from the customer's point of view. For example, research participants can record and evaluate their experiences via mobile devices.

Research location: Gozzo by Late

Using the ExperienceFellow app, Anna Reisenberger researched the experiences of restaurant guests at Gozzo by Late. All points of contact along the customer journey in the restaurant were analysed.

Negative and positive influences on customer satisfaction were examined and assigned to the four main categories of experience in restaurants: Atmosphere, quality of service, quality of meals and price fairness.

In the course of the evaluation of the results, a fifth category for beverage quality was created.

Success with modern research methods

By using an app to collect the data for the customer satisfaction analysis, the participants were able to participate in the study at any time and from any place and also upload photos or videos to illustrate their experiences. The Gozzo by Late restaurant was rated very well in all five categories, but a few suggestions for improvement were made and passed on to management.

Note: The study by Anna Reisenberger showed that younger guests were more likely to participate in the research due to the inclusion of new technology.

Another two years in Krems

Anna Reisenberger originally comes from the Linz region of Upper Austria. After graduating from the Tourismusschule in Bad Leonfelden she took part in a Server Management Trainee Programme in Jupiter, Florida. After 8 successful months in the USA, she returned to Austria, where she gained experience in service and event marketing in various companies. Before her studies she worked in the Ritz-Carlton on the Cayman Islands.

After studying Tourism and Leisure Management at our university, Anna Reisenberger also decided to continue her studies with a master degree programme in Krems. Since September she has been studying International Business and Export Management.

Read the bachelor paper

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