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Applied Chemistry: A gateway to unlimited opportunities

Herbert Becker, one of the first Applied Chemistry graduates, talks about his experience at IMC Krems and reasons why people should consider studying the programme. He was particularly impressed by the many opportunities during and after his studies.

Portrait von Herbert Becker

Practice makes perfect: Comprehensive practical training in the lab forms the cornerstone of the programme.

Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme

As a graduate of our Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme, you will be able to find groundbreaking solutions to problems facing society today. For graduates, in-depth knowledge of chemistry is essential. But employers also expect expertise in process analysis and process management due to the wider application of networked IT systems.
When you graduate from the bachelor programme, you will have developed broad-based professional and theoretical expertise, as well as strong practical skills.

Potential entry-level positions

The pharmaceuticals industry, the food industry, environmental authorities, polymer chemistry, bulk chemicals, chemical recycling plants, renewable raw materials processing, basic research (with additional postgraduate education)


Watch the video with HERBERT BECKER


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