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A soft spot for the practical factor

Stefanie Zich is 20 years old and from Upper Austria. She graduated from a high school in Linz and then started her university studies straight away. She is now in the fourth semester. If she was to describe herself in three words, they would be: humorous, critical, and enterprising.

Collage von Stefanie Zich (beim Tanzen, Snowboarden, Lernen und im Labor)

Stefanie Zich is in her 4th semester of the bachelor degree programme Applied Chemistry.

In my free time I like to do anything but sit still: hiking, horse riding, volleyball, snowboarding, traveling ... my favorite hobby is and remains ballroom dancing!

I decided to study Applied Chemistry because I like the concept of a university of applied sciences better than that of a university, because I really wanted to have the opportunity to go abroad and because the courses are in English. I was also convinced by the international factor. Meeting people from all over the world is so amazing!

Students and lecturers at eye level

I think I benefit a lot from the close student-professor relationship. At a university of applied sciences, you generally have more contact with your professors, but I believe that you particularly benefit from this when you study Applied Chemistry. We received a lot of support, especially regarding the upcoming practical training semester (PTS).

What interests me most about my studies is organic chemistry. I am looking forward to doing many exciting organic syntheses in the laboratory during my PTS in the USA. After my bachelor’s degree, I want to continue studying – but I do not know where exactly yet. Possibly not in Austria.

My tip

My motto is “Never miss an opportunity to learn something new”.

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