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A scientific publication during the internship

Submitting a scientific publication during the bachelor degree programme is an exceptional case. Selina Bingel, Applied Chemistry student at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, succeeded in doing so.

Porträt von Selina Bingel

Selina Bingel, Applied Chemistry student at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, submitted a scientific publication during the bachelor degree programme.

Selina Bingel, 22, lived in the Burgenland province until she was ten years old and then moved with her family to Dubai in the Arab Emirates for six years, where her father had a job. There she attended the German International School and then an English-language international school for two years. Back in Austria, she completed the last two years and the Matura in the science branch of a grammar school in Eisenstadt. Selina’s father is a chemist and got the young scientist interested in chemical experiments at an early age. This is how he passed on his passion to Selina.

Why did you decide to study Applied Chemistry? What was the decisive factor?

For me, the internship semester was the decisive point in the study programme. I think it’s important to gain a lot of practical experience during your studies, because it often helps to apply and better understand the theory you’ve learned. I also found the international and English-speaking environment at IMC Krems very attractive, as I myself spent six years abroad and felt right at home here again.

What do you find particularly attractive about your studies? What are the highlights for you?

What I like best is the practical work in the lab, especially when you can work on your own small projects and do research, such as for your bachelor or master thesis.

Which specialisation did you choose and why?

For the 6th semester of my bachelor’s degree, I chose the specialisation “Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry”. This decision was relatively easy for me, as I realised early on in my studies that my interests tend to go in the direction of organic and bioorganic chemistry. I also really wanted to attend the lecture “Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry” because I could well imagine working in this field later on.

What is special about IMC Krems?

I think the international and modern flair make IMC Krems special. In addition, the organisation at IMC Krems is very good and everybody is helpful. There is always someone you can turn to for any problem, and you also get support in many other aspects, such as finding a job or internship.

Where and how did you spend your internship semester? How did you like the internship?

I spent my internship semester at Charles University in Prague. There I worked in the research group for catalysis in organic synthesis under the supervision of Prof. RNDr. Martin Kotora, CSc. My main task was to test the effectiveness of various catalysts of the cyclotrimerisation reaction for the synthesis of an indenofluorene derivative. I really enjoyed my time in Prague. My internship was extremely exciting, and I am glad that I was able to gain experience in a university research lab and a great team.

You submitted a scientific publication while still a student. What was it about and how did it come about?

During my internship semester, I had the opportunity to actively participate in the investigation for the next publication of the research group of Prof. RNDr. Martin Kotora, CSc. The focus of our research was on the catalysis of the cyclotrimerisation reaction, which we used to demonstrate a new approach to the synthesis of indenofluorene derivatives.

Is “green chemistry” an issue for you? In what respect?

I think nowadays “green chemistry” should be a topic for every chemist. It is therefore also important to already discuss this topic in detail during the studies in order to make its importance clear to all prospective chemists.

Where did you “end up” after your studies? 

After my bachelor degree at IMC Krems, I started a master degree in “Technical Chemistry” at the Vienna University of Technology. I chose to specialise in applied synthesis chemistry.

What fascinates you apart from chemistry? What excites you?

Besides my studies, I like to spend my time with creative hobbies like painting, handicrafts, music. Since the last lockdown, I have also discovered sewing for myself and I am also interested in cooking and baking, which also has a certain similarity to experimenting in the lab, only with slightly different ingredients. I also enjoy outdoor sports like hiking, mountain biking, skiing and scuba diving.

What advice would you give to a young person who is considering studying Applied Chemistry at IMC Krems?

I know that deciding where and what exactly to study is often not that easy. I would advise using the existing offers, such as the “Bachelor Info Day” of IMC Krems or “Studieren probieren” and talking to the students on site to get a better picture.

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