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A passionate part of the IMC community

Greta  Gulyás has studied Tourism and Leisure Management at IMC FH Krems. She is absolutely passionate about photography, social media communication and the city of Krems, as she tells us.

Greta mit Ausblick auf die Wachauer Weinberge und Donau

Greta Gulyás about her study in Krems: "If I could choose again, I would definitely go for IMC for its community and vibrant student life."

Hey everyone! I’m Gréti from Hungary.

I grew up in Hungary and graduated in my hometown  in 2018. Then I was accepted to IMC and moved here. I’ve been living in Krems for 2,5 years now.Being an ambitious and enthusiastic woman, I have many different hobbies. I love taking pictures, especially in Krems as I am obsessed with the view and landscape.

I would define myself as an active member of our community. I like to help and support my friends, my colleagues, and even future IMC students. In the last two years, I received a lot of requests on sharing my experiences about my tourism and leisure management studies. I decided to write a blog to share my experiences at our university

Turning hobbies into a profession

In my free time, I teach English and edit social media content for my clients. I enjoy working as they are my hobbies as well.
Sometimes, you can also see me supporting our beloved university at Open Days or marketing photo shoots. You are right, I do not have much time left next to studying but I am still enjoying my life.

Lifelong friendships @ IMC FH Krems

I have gained a lot of experience since I have been studying here and I have collected many unforgettable memories and made lifelong friendships.  
I was in the unlucky situation that I had my PTS in the middle of the pandemic. But I still call myself lucky that I experienced how to handle such an unexpected situation and I still improved my skills.
I am happy to look back at the times when we did not know the word corona and I recall all those amazing memories we had together with our colleagues and exchange students. I was a buddy, which is a really great opportunity to meet the exchange students and to socialise at great events like barbecues.

Krems: A great city for foreign students

As an international student, I remember how great the very beginning was. Thanks to our International Welcome Center I quickly familiarised with the country and the city of Krems. We had many events to learn everything about the Austrian culture, the city, and the region. We had some amazing trips with the other international students before the start of our studies. It helped a lot as I was new to this country.
If I could choose again, I would definitely go for IMC for its community and vibrant student life.

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