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A Day in the Life of an IMC Exchange Student

Alex Gonzalez Jimenez, a student at one of our partner institutions, Universidad Pública de Navarra in Spain, shares his experience as an incoming exchange student at IMC Krems.

Alex Gonzalez Jimenez

Alex Gonzalez Jimenez, a student at one of our partner institutions, Universidad Pública de Navarra in Spain, shares his experience as an incoming exchange student at IMC Krems.

Why did you choose Krems for your exchange semester?

My first choice for my exchange destination was Krems. From the very first moment it seemed to me like a welcoming town where I could easily fit in. In Krems they speak German and I also saw this as an opportunity to learn a new language. When I came here I realised that it was more difficult than I thought. Besides that, the fact that Vienna was close by was something that made me choose Krems.

What are you studying at IMC Krems, and what classes are you taking?

I am studying Business Administration at IMC Krems. The classes that I am taking are Marketing, Procurement, Production and Logistics, European and international Law, Finance and Investment, Accounting, Current Issues in economic Policy, Research Methods in Business and Entrepreneurship.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest difference between the education style in Spain and Austria?

Studying in Austria is more based on practice, working in a team and participating in class. In Spain, on the other hand, all our evaluation is based on exams. Attending class is optional and the mark only depends on the mark in the test. The Austrian model, being more practical, seems to me to be better for the future. On the other hand, I am already used to the Spanish model.

One major highlight and one major challenge?

The biggest challenge for me at university is the timetable, it changes every week and there are subjects that start in the middle of the semester. In Spain it is always the same timetable every week and the same subjects, which makes you get used to a routine. Another challenge is the length of the classes. In Spain, the longest class lasts two hours and here it lasts twice as long.
The biggest highlights for me are the facilities, I think the IMC Piaristengasse building is very nice. Another highlight is the way of evaluation and the interaction in class with the students, it is rare in Spain that the students participate in class, but here everyone is eager to add something to what the teacher says.

Take us through a typical day at IMC Krems.

I usually have to go to the campus of the university, I walk every day from my residence. We usually have about two classes a day and we always start at 9am. I attend the classes and take notes on what we are learning. If we have classes in the afternoon, we stay for lunch at the university and if not, we walk back to the residence.

What piece of advice would you give to other students interested in studying abroad at IMC Krems?

First of all, the learning agreement should be made well in advance, because if it is made a few days beforehand, it can be very stressful. If you have any problems with the timetables, your attendance or doubts about the class, don't hesitate to tell the teachers. They are all very friendly and are willing to help you. Finally, don't hesitate to participate in all the IMC activities, especially the welcome activities, as you can meet new people, learn from each other, get to know Krems and Austria a bit better and practice your German and English.

What is it like to live in Krems?

Krems is a small and friendly town which makes life here very good. There are several supermarkets, what makes shopping easy. Although it is cold for me, I thought it would be much colder, some students who have been here for a while have already told us that this year is especially nice compared to last year, so I am happy about that. The hardest thing about living here is the time of nightfall, which is quite early compared to Spain. But in general, I am very happy with my choice and the people I have met.